Agile Serbia Meet-Up

Agile4it – How to achieve customer satisfaction & employee commitment?

22nd December 2016, in Novi Sad, with Zoran Vujkov

Considering our mission to provide the best education in the field of Agile Software Development, we are constantly looking for innovative ways of delivering knowledge and the exchange of experience in this field. Last time we decided to organize a meet-up and gather up the Agile community in Novi Sad. The goal was to encourage a discussion about the challenges in the software development.

The result was more than excellent! The two main questions we answered together with the attendees of the meet-up were:

  • What makes your clients dissatisfied, and what are the possible solutions to solve these problems?
  • What leads to developers’ demotivation, and how to enhance their engagement?

The discussion was moderated by our Agile Coach, Zoran Vujkov. He has coached numerous Scrum teams, and he is familiar with both – technical and organizational sides of software engineering.

  • Topic of the meet-up: Agile4it – How to achieve customer satisfaction & employee commitment?
  • Target audience: CTOs, HRs, COOs, Operations Managers, CIOs, Product Owners, Product Managers, Technical Leads, CEOs, Project Managers, Delivery Managers
  • Method of delivery: Interactive discussion
  • Date: 22nd December 2016
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Zoran Vujkov

Zoran Vujkov is an Agile Trainer and Coach since 2008. He has 19 years experience in the Software industry working for big companies like Barclays Bank, SonyEricsson, Promethean and Schneider DMS. In his career, Zoran was Software Engineer, Project Manager, Scrum Master and after all - experienced Agile Coach with multiple teams. He is certified for Scrum Master, SAFe Practitioner and PRINCE2 Practitioner.