Agile Serbia Meet-Up

Agile approach – my organization is unique

5th April 2017, in Belgrade, with Zoran Vujkov and Bojan Milutinović

Another Agile Gathering, the 11th Agile Serbia Meet-Up is behind us! This time, the name and the main topic was Agile approach – my organization is unique and we can say that we, successfully, addressed challenges regarding the implementation of different Agile frameworks in different organizations! We learned that every approach should be considered and adjusted to a particular organization and its culture, in order to be applicable and adopted.

During the first part of the meet-up, participants had a chance to listen and talk to our Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov. He organized an interactive discussion by putting the participants into six self-organized teams, where team members had a task to write some of the typical challenges during the implementation of the Scrum Framework. The most attractive questions and the ones with the biggest score, on which all of the teams wanted to know the answers, were the following:

  • How to present and assure that Scrum can bring great results to a customer?
  • Why Scrum – Why Agile?
  • The Future of the Scrum
  • Why a development team sometimes do not accept responsibility and what to do in that situation?
  • How to fix a client’s dissatisfaction?

After 15 minutes break, during which we organized giveaway and awarded three lucky participants with free tickets for the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference (on 26th of May, Belgrade), it was time to speak about another Agile methodology. The second part of the discussion was moderated by Bojan Milutinovic, who is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Kanban Professional. He had challenged us with some questions and guided us to find the answers regarding the Kanban. Bojan started his speech with explaining some of the essential terms for Kanban such as: What is Kanban? What are Push and Pull Systems? What is Limited Working Progress?

After this theoretical, but interactive session, we discovered answers of the following questions:

  • For whom is Kanban?
  • How is it different from Scrum?

The attendees were also interested to find out:

  • Whose is Kanban board?
  • Does a development team have their own board or there is one board for the whole organization?

Apart from this, Bojan prepared two exercises, where team members had quickly to find the answers of the real problems in particular organisations which implement Kanban.

Just to remind you, whatever methodology for the software development you choose, bear in mind it’s crucial that you’re aware of all challenges that could appear.

Thank you for your attendance! 🙂

  • Topic of the meet-up: Agile approach – my organization is unique!
  • Target audience: CTOs, COOs, Operations Managers, Scrum Masters, CIOs, Product Owners, Product Managers, Technical Leads, Project Managers, Delivery Managers
  • Method of delivery: Interactive discussion
  • Date: 5th April 2017
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Zoran Vujkov & Bojan Milutinović

Zoran Vujkov is an Agile Trainer and Coach since 2008. He has 19 years experience in the Software industry working for big companies. He is certified for Scrum Master, SAFe Practitioner and PRINCE2 Practitioner. Bojan Milutinović is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Kanban Professional.


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