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Visualization techniques in Agile Development

Agile Serbia meet-up in September 2017 – for the 1st time in Niš! The topic of the meet-up was “Visualization techniques in Agile Development”. The discussion moderator was Đorđe Babić, Scrum Master from Puzzle Software.

Agile Workshop in May 2017

We are announcing another FREE Scrum Workshop in May 2017. Our Certified Scrum Trainer - Petri Heiramo is coming again in Belgrade, so this is the great opportunity to spend some extra time with him and improve your knowledge about Agile Software Development!

Agile approach – my organization is unique

During the first part of the meet-up, participants had a chance to listen and talk to our Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov. The second part of the discussion was moderated by Bojan Milutinovic, who is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Kanban Professional.

Scrum Workshop in November 2016

For those who want to improve their knowledge about Agile Software Development, Puzzle Software organized an interactive Scrum workshop in autumn 2016 with our Certified Scrum Trainer – Petri Heiramo.

Are You Agile Enough?

This is the fifth gathering we organized with our Agile Coach - Zoran Vujkov, and the 8th Meet-Up of the Agile Serbia Community. In the past we had organized different Agile workshops, but this time it was a live discussion, answering the question - Are You Agile Enough?

Agile Workshops in March and April 2016

For these enthusiasts who believe in the power of Agile concept of delivery, Puzzle Software organized a Scrum workshop on 20th April 2016 with our Certified Scrum Trainer – Petri Heiramo. Also, on 12th March 2016 we organized two Agile Workshops with our experienced Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov

Scrum Workshop in November 2015

Every new season of the courses brings the new Scrum Workshop with Certified Scrum Trainer. This time interactive Scrum workshop was with Petri Heiramo.

Scrum Workshop in March 2015

Puzzle Software organized an interactive Scrum workshop on March 31, 2015. Certified Scrum Trainers Petri Heiramo and Wolfgang Richter had been there to answer all participants' questions related to Scrum implementation into the real business environment.

Product Owner Workshop

Scrum methodology followers in Serbia have expressed a wish to hear more details about the Product Owner role. This was the reason of organizing the Product Owner Workshop in February, 2015 which was led by the Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov.