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Webinar - Leading with/in tension

Agile Serbia has organized webinar "Leading with/in tension" on the 25th of October with an experienced Agile Leadership guru – Olaf Lewitz! During this webinar we talked about leadership in our organisations.

Agile in Practice: Find your Recipe!

On the 2nd October 2018,  Agile Serbia, for the third time has organized Agile Experience MeetUp! The goal of Agile Experience MeetUp is to present practical experiences of different companies and organizations. This time, we organized the MeetUp in collaboration with our friends – Adacta. The topic was „Agile in Practice: Find your Recipe!“ and a moderator was Jelena Stevanović.

Essential SAFe— 10 Key Elements for Successful SAFe Implementation

Agile Serbia organized another Agile Gathering on the 13th of September 2018, in Belgrade. The topic was “Essential SAFe— 10 Key Elements for Successful SAFe Implementation”. The moderator of the discussion was Miroslav Aničin. On this meetup, we discussed about a starting point for implementing SAFe and described the 10 most critical elements needed to realize the majority of the framework’s benefits.

The Integral Agile Transformation

Agile Serbia is working on the development of the Agile community in the SEE region, and this was the first regional meeting meant to develop the Agile Coaching approach! Webinar “The Integral Agile Transformation Framework” was held on the 21st of June 2018. The moderator was Miljan Bajić.


Does The Design Sprint Make Sense In Corporation?

Agile Serbia has organized a meet-up “Does The Design Sprint Make Sense In Corporation?” in Belgrade, on the 6th of June 2018. Moderators of discussion were Predrag Rajković and Zoran Vujkov. Design Sprint is used to help you to answer on business critical question through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.


Challenges with User Stories, the most common Agile practice

On the 21st of March in Belgrade, Serbia, Agile Serbia organized a meet-up “Challenges with User Stories, the most common Agile practice!”. Moderator of the discussion was Zoran Vujkov. We addressed the challenges people face with User Stories, and then the moderator and participants together discussed about all possible solutions.

Kanban Workshop

Kanban Workshop in February 2018

Agile Serbia organized “Kanban Board Game” in collaboration with our well-known companions Zoran Vujkov and Miloš Zeković. This time, Kanban Workshop was organized on the 21st of February in Novi Sad, Serbia. For all participants, this was a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of Kanban.

Gasi teoriju. Pali praksu.

Theory OFF! Practice ON!

The second meet-up in the series of “Agile Experience” meet-ups is going to be organized on the 5th of December, in Belgrade. This time, Agile Serbia is organizing this meet-up in collaboration with colleagues from Croatia – Davor Čengija and Ivan Krnić. The topic is “Theory OFF! Practice ON!”

Kanban workshop November 2017

Kanban Workshop in November 2017

In Agile Month November 2017, we are going to organize “Kanban Board Exercise”. It is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of Kanban, especially because this is a hands-on, engaging, and funny game. Moderator: Petri Heiramo, CST

Challenges and good practices to reach through the maturity of Scrum teams

1st meet-up from the "Agile Experience" Series – with Bojan Lepojević, Agile Lead from Endava! We are organizing a series of meet-ups with different partners to share their real Agile experiences with the Agile Serbia community.