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Free Agile Assessment

Agile Serbia offers you a free Agility Check-Up with an Agile Coach

You are looking for a good recipe for successful software development processes? Good news – you are not alone on that journey! Everyone is looking for it. Moreover, there are many different proposals, solutions, approaches, etc. But, maybe you should do something before making the final choice among various approaches. Let’s try with Free Agile Assessment.

No matter if you have already implemented an Agile Methodology, or you are just taking into consideration many different approaches, we offer you a simple Agility Check-Up! Therefore, no pain or costs.


How to arrange Assessment?

Our Agile Coach will ask you to fulfill a simple questionnaire to get some basic insights about your company, organizational structure, and company culture. After that, he will arrange a visit, and he will try to find out more about your organizational goals.

If you want to improve your processes, first we need to know where you want to be after a certain organizational transformation. Of course, we should also mark where you are now. Our Agile Coach will talk with your development teams, with your business, and everyone else needed. He will assess your level of agility. Finally, he will give you some pieces of the advice on how to get where you want to be.

To sum up, your FREE Agile Assessment consists of the following steps:

  1. Fulfilling a questionnaire given by the Agile Coach
  2. Agile Coach’s visit to the organization
    1. Assessment of the current situation
    2. Defining in which direction it is desirable to go
    3. Chats with the development and business team members
  3. Agile Coach’s proposal for solutions

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