Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework Training

Continuing Agile Education

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of organization and workflow patterns specially focused on alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of Agile teams. The primary asset of this framework is creating of a “big picture”, process of workflow for Product Management.


Is Introduction to Scaled Agile Training for you?

The Scaled Agile Framework training will help you in demonstrating knowledge and applying the same using SAFe framework. Furthermore, lean thinking, and product development flow principles in an enterprise environment.

This training provides an answer on how to scale Scrum and synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery for large numbers of Scrum teams. It explains framework in details – SAFe roles, SAFe artefacts, SAFe events. Attendees receive all information of crucial interest in Agile with a number of Scrum Teams.


What kind of issues helps you to resolve?

Training facilitate the management of an individual’s credentials and gives them access to a wealth of resources, supporting them in further professional development, keeping their SAFe knowledge current. Furthermore, through out of the Agile release business outcomes will increase, while infrastructure costs will decrease. Nevertheless, employee’s satisfaction and engagement increased.


How will you work on the training?

Training will consist of theoretical and practical part. Main topics of the training will be:

💻 Scaled Agile Framework – definition

💻 Scale to the Program Level

💻 SAFe Roles

💻 Scrum Events

💻 Scrum Artefacts


What will you learn at the training?

Training Takeaways:

🔎 This module explains what SAFe is, a new approach that harnesses the power of Agile and Lean and applies to the needs of the largest software enterprises;

🔎 This module explains what you need to add to the Scrum framework to be able to scale Scrum for the large software enterprises;

🔎 Module explains in details new additional SAFe roles. Likewise, Business Owners, Product Management Release Management, Release Train Engineer (RTE), System Team, Shared resources, DevOps, UX, System Architect;

🔎 This module explains in details additional SAFe events. Furthermore, also discuss characteristics of Release Planning Event (RPE), System Demo, Inspect & Adapt (I&A) meetings;

🔎 This module explains additional SAFe artefacts such as Program Epics, Vision, Roadmap, Program Backlog, Program PI Objectives, Program Increment. Also explains Features and Components, Architectural Features, Architectural Runways.


How will this be your career milestone?

After the training you should be able to:

✅ Understand what is SAFe and when it is very helpful

✅ Understand SAFe Principles and Values, how to apply them

✅ Accept takeaways for successful SAFe implementation.


Is this training for me?

Training has special benefits for:

💭 Business Owners;

💭 Product Managers;

💭 Project Managers;

💭 Line Managers;

💭 Scrum Masters;

💭 people who are leading software development using multi Scrum teams.

Due to that reason people should be very familiar with Scrum Framework.


Details about Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework Training:

As the all available trainings by Agile Serbia and Puzzle Software, we are also willing to organize Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework Training on request (on-site). In that case Company is the host, and training is according to company’s needs.

Note: SEUs are structured on a point system, and SEU is based on a 1:1 ratio of contact hours to points. Full day of training is equivalent to 8 SEUs. You are required to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs) by completing educational training or learning opportunities as a validation of your continued proficiency and because of your future certification.


How can we help you?

You might have some doubts about training, certification or SEU points, etc. Frequently Asked Questions should help you to find all answers you need 😊

The training can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!