Certified Agile Leadership Course 2 with Olaf Lewitz

CAL 2 certification by the Scrum Alliance with Olaf Lewitz


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” -John F. Kennedy 

You want to continue your leadership journey towards agility, and you want validation that your new intention and awareness actually make a difference in your organization. Step up to lead in our CAL2 program! Defining a leader and his qualities have evolved over the past centuries. Modern technologies and various trends in leading different groups of people, projects and countries are constantly changing. Together with Scrum Alliance we provide opportunity for all successful leaders to become Certified Agile Leader(s) on upgraded level.


What this CAL 2 journey contains?

This isn’t an ordinary adventure and Course. You can start with your adventure at any time. CAL 2 program is open for everyone holding the CAL1 credential – independent of the trainer – and the new CAL-Essentials, -Team and -Organizations certifications. CAL2 contains three areas of work:


#1 Validated Practice

At the beginning, you must pick a leadership challenge to work on during the program. Your challenge consists of a personal change in your leadership, and an impact in a system through your leadership change. You will be using the Konnekted Leadership tools through the process, for your own reflection, to align with others, to set direction, and to guide and measure progress. In our regular video conversations you will share your learnings and struggles with us, and find sources for collaboration, challenge, feedback, and support. 


#2 Advanced Learning

Through Master Relationship Training build relationships that thrive and last. This training is a 3-day course focused entirely on the art and science of connection with others. As a participant, you will learn how to create, maintain and repair healthy, conscious relationships in all areas of your life. This training provides individuals with the tools and practices to improve relationships in every area of life. At any time you can pick your own life or work challenge and practice with Olaf.


#3 Peer Work

You will pick partners from our cohort, or colleagues from your organization, to share, design things together, give and get feedback, and make sense of progress. You can find peers in our CAL2 group or in your organization – we don’t prescribe whom you need to work with. This collaboration is your responsibility.


What is the structure?

Elements of the structure can include:

  • group video calls on Zoom (frequency – once in three weeks)
  • checking and building a group
  • sharing progress 
  • finding partners, identifying areas of collaboration
  • possibility to have face 2 face meeting, especially for the learning deep dive 
  • coaching (each other and/or by Olaf)


What do you get out of it?

You define the frame of your leadership growth:

  • the system you are leading in and your leadership role;
  • your leadership challenge or intention, what you want to achieve;
  • how you want to change to make that happen, and how you’ll know you’ve changed;
  • how you will know that you’ve made the difference that you intended to make;
  • what you want to contribute and to get from the group.


The group and Olaf as your “leadership educator” will help you to:

  • stay on track, hold you accountable;
  • support you with feedback, ideas, co-creation of solutions;
  • practice leadership in a complex environment;
  • reflect on your and everybody else’s progress and learning;
  • find a partner to work with more closely;
  • improve your personal leadership through coaching;
  • dive deep into a topic of leadership learning that the group chooses together.


Details about the next public course:

*This price applies only to participants who completed CAL1 in the organization of Agile Serbia by Puzzle Software.

Everyone participating in our CAL1 gets access to our Olaf’s Slack workspace. There you’ll find the #cal2interest channel where you’ll find interested leaders to join forces with to create your CAL2 experience. And you can use slack to get in touch with Olaf to step up and take part in the rolling program.


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Are you ready to explore some new Universes together with always inspirational and exceptional Olaf Lewitz?

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Olaf Lewitz

Agile Coach, passionate about Agile Leadership & Agile Transformation. Co-Founder of "TrustTemenos Leadership Academy", and author of the workbook for leaders: "Showing Up".


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