Agile Month Spring 2022

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Agile & THE Frameworks Training

with Agile Expert - Zoran Vujkov

Scrum gives color to your business. But what about the others?


Let’s face it – Agile is an inevitable moment in your business, organization, project or team. Under this umbrella, Scrum is the most used framework (even 81% of companies in the whole world are using Scrum). But, did you think about the others?

So, are you using Scrum or do you have your own version of it? Do you know what are additional frameworks besides Scrum or would you like to gain practical knowledge about other, equally important Agile frames? Also, it’s important to say that more and more business teams are applying a combination of different frameworks that enhance efficiency and suit their environment. For example, one of them is the Scrumban.

Agile is not only made of Scrum, but also other equally valuable frames and that’s why this training will focus on other important frameworks as well. Choosing one or mix of these frameworks should be agile and equally applicable in practice (as well as Scrum). Our Coach will also talk about Agile as the base of further frameworks’ development. Each framework has its advantages and things that aren’t tailored to all teams. Our and your Coach is Zoran Vujkovan experienced Agile Trainer since 2008, and Certified Scrum Professional, certified by the Scrum Alliance with valuable practice in the Agile world.



What frameworks will be discussed in this 2nd Edition?

  • Scrum;
  • Kanban;
  • Scrumban;
  • SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework);
  • LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum).


You’ll find out when to use any of them and why. Final gain is an understanding of the collaboration and communication needed between customer and developers for Agile to succeed as well as understanding which framework or combination of them is good for your team and organization.


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