Advanced Angular 12


🎯 Course description


Advanced Angular course is comprehensive and deeply explores the framework and architecture of more demanding applications. Through this course, you will have the opportunity to create complex one-page applications using all the functionalities of this framework. You will have a better understanding of Angular code and will be able to independently solve complex problems that you will encounter in your own or team projects. You will create scalable solutions with the advice of our experienced trainers, and you will always be confident in your code, because you will learn how to fully use the potential of Angular.


🎯 This course is intended for:


If you already have experience working with the Angular framework, or you have completed basic Angular course and want to improve your knowledge, you are in the right place.


📌 Course outline


🔎 Introduction
🔎 Complex forms
🔎 Custom validation
🔎 Lazy loading
🔎 Advanced components
🔎 Unit testing
🔎 Mock, stub and spy
🔎 Interceptors
🔎 Dependency injection
🔎 Data caching strategies
🔎 Practical exercises
🔎 ngRx
o how to set up ngRx
o basic examples – actions, effects, store update
o tooling for ngRx
🔎 Creating your own library for Angular projects
o creating a project, adding features
o setting up a project to npm repository


📌 What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn to:

The goal of the course is to enable users to create an interactive web application created using Angular 12 and advanced JavaScript techniques. Additionally, users will understand the working principle of the server language, client communication with the application, generation of drafts, exchange and work with data and their dynamic display.


📌 Course info


Date: Start from 20th April 2023; 3-4 hours a day after working hours from 5 p.m.  For or more information contact us via e-mail
Course length:
32 hours
Level: Intermediate
Location: vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) via Teams; After hours, split into multiple sessions, starting at 5PM;
Course Language: English/Serbian
Course type: Certification is not included in price, all information upon request
Applications: online or by e-mail:
Price: 550 € + VAT

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