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To be Agile as an organization, you need to learn continuously and to improve Agile approach over time to achieve all your business goals. Steady and continuous development is key for Agile success, immersing in a skills and competences or gaining knowledge, new perspectives for further development.

Agile Training serves to expand your knowledge in the field of Agile Development. There are multiply opportunities for continuous Agile education covering various Agile topics and techniques. Training are designed to foster the skills needed to succeed with Scrum and other Agile frameworks and approaches.

Also, Training provides organizations with a step-by-step guide to a better way to achieve the goals, to support their Agile teams improving organization. This kind of Agile education is intended for all companies, teams and individuals that strive to improve their efficiency and to become more Agile.

All Training can be organized public or on-site, tailored to your needs, on request. Check our list and choose the best options to in-depth your Agile skills! 😊

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Agile & THE Frameworks Training

Let’s face it – Agile is inevitable moment in your business, organization, project or the team. Under this umbrella, Scrum is the most used framework (even 81% of companies in the whole world are using Scrum). But, did you think about the others?

Introduction to Kanban Training

Kanban is a strongly visual method that smoothens and optimize the flow of work, incremental and evolutionary change. It provides techniques to manage the flow of work and continuously improve on that flow. This training provides introduction on Kanban implementation and bootstrapping a Kanban system in your own organization.

Introduction to the Agile Approach

Introduction to the Agile Approach Training

Agile development is a set of software development methods which focuses on adaptive thinking, collaboration and cross-functionality. Introduction to the Agile Approach training gives the answers on what Agile approach is about, what it means to be Agile, what Agile values, principles and the mindset are. It explains the differences between Agile frameworks and techniques (Scrum, User Stories...).

Introduction to the Scrum Framework

Introduction to the Scrum Framework Training

Scrum is an iterative and incremental process for Agile product development, also for organizing teams and it is the most popular Agile framework. Introduction to Scrum Framework training provides an interactive introduction to Scrum, including a deep understanding of each Scrum team member’s responsibilities and how Scrum fosters the growth of organizations, teams, products, and individuals.

Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework

Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework Training

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a framework that can be scaled up or down as per the requirements of the organization. Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework training provides an answer on how to scale Scrum and synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery for large numbers of Scrum teams. It explains Scaled Agile Framework in details - SAFe roles, SAFe artefacts, SAFe events, how to apply SAFe.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint Training - A Way To Solve Critical Problems

Design Sprint is the essential tools that helps people solve critical business problems in product design phase, made popular by Google Venture. This framework is an important approach to innovation and quickly developing new products and services that customers want. Attendees of this training will go through examples from real sprints, anticipating real problems that you might face in utilizing Design Sprint in your organization.

Agile Requirements & User stories

Agile Requirements & User Stories Training

User stories are one of the primary development artefacts for Scrum project teams. The User Stories training offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to authoring high quality user stories combining various techniques. User Stories helps us manage requirements. Their primary job is to define the value a user gains from the system. Since User Stories focus on the underlying Agile values of collaboration and Just-In-Time definition, it makes them a good Agile tool.

Agile Planning & Estimating

Agile Planning & Estimating Training

Planning and estimating are important activities, of crucial importance for successful beginning of a project. This training will introduce participants with importance of estimating size and deriving duration, also with differences between story points and ideal time, same as with advantages of an abstract measure of size. Training is designed to provide a more complete and in-depth understanding of Agile project planning and estimating topics that are commonly a source of challenges within project teams.

Scrum Master Practices & Techniques

Scrum Master Practices & Techniques Training

Being an excellent Scrum Master is even beyond than helping in the practitioner of Scrum activities. There are many techniques and practices that can help a Scrum Master perform role effectively and successfully. Scrum Master Practices & Techniques Training will explore many of these techniques and practices through hands on simulations while keeping Agile’s values and principles in the spotlight!


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