Agile Coaching Club

Join the great group of Agile enthusiasts from Serbia

Agile Serbia Coaching Club is a team of people interested in Agile Methodologies, gathered to share knowledge and experience, and to progress towards Agile Coaches, Certified Scrum Professionals, etc. The Club members often become professionals in the field of Agile Methodologies with different degrees, according to their preferences.

Through Agile Serbia Coaching Club they have many opportunities, such as:

  • mutual exchange of knowledge between all members and experiences they gained at their current positions / roles (for example, as Scrum Masters in Scrum teams in their companies, as instructors, lecturers, etc.);
  • advising on the various challenges that individual members of the club have been faced with;
  • exchange of information about events organized by Scrum Alliance, SA REP organizations, Agile Serbia and Puzzle Software, Meetups and other events relevant to Agile world;
  • exchange of information on material and other sources of theoretical knowledge related to the subject.

Through different activities, like presentations, blogging, co-trainings, meet-ups and other types of engagement, the Club members collect their SEU points for Certified Scrum Professionals.  Agile Serbia provides support on their way to Agile Coach profession.

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