Agility in HR

Ilija Popjanev

Ilija is an HR consultant, Facilitator & Agile Coach passionate about developing people and organizations and getting measurable results. After spending 15 years in the corporate world working for General Motors, British petrol and Good year, he moves in the training industry, helping organizations, teams and people to implement agile culture and mindset. He is using an experiential learning approach full of interaction, fun and gamification.


Ilija is a member of several international training organizations delivering their certified courses, as DOOR Training & Consulting (people & leadership skills), ICAgile (business agility, agility in HR, agile coaching) and Management 3.0 (agile leadership). The classroom experience with HR people is full with discussions, case studies, best practices and lots of HR tools needed for the successful start of the agile journey in the organization. HR is back in town again. 🙂