Why Practice Matters in Scrum education?

Published on 22nd March 2021

Time’s changing. Time gives you an opportunity to invest in yourself, whether we talk about education or something else that fulfills our free time and energy.


But, what about education?


It’s inevitable that nowadays we have a variety of vocations. Especially in technology and software development. But, following the demand of the market and fast-changing circumstances you are given a space to learn new things. Agile is always in trend. Scrum is a new way of living and working.

Between two choices – Scrum Master and Product Owner you have to have in mind that both roles are valuable for a project, business or organization. The career path of the Scrum Master is quite interesting and we must say – challenging. His typical career path will start with serving one team. After a while, that team becomes less time-consuming to work with as issues are resolved, and the team takes on more responsibilities for themselves.

To become a real Scrum Master Sensei you need to consider Scrum Master certification that is nowadays mandatory by many companies. Based on our ten years of experience in Scrum Master course and certification, in cooperation with Scrum Alliance as a world-leading organization, we have educated more than 1500 participants.




So, what are the main differences between Scrum Master and Scrum Master Course – Extended?


#1 Duration of the course


Duration of the course is the first advantage on the list, not just because of that, but because of other benefits. During the 3-day CSM course, the trainer and attendees have more time to elaborate the topics in more details, where participants have more time to think about what they learn and how to apply that in their environment in practice. Also, the trainer has more time to answer more questions and there is a closer interaction with all attendees.

We are aware that most of us who have regular daily jobs may be able to get two working days off, rather than three days for additional education. So, we could treat this as a first consideration. However, still you get more from an opportunity cost point of view. On the other side, Certified Scrum Master Course lasts for 2 days, but in the first case you get more value for a little bit more effort.


#2 Scrum simulation, case studies and real-life problems from practice


Good simulation is great for learning, and it is fun as well. Through simulation, attendants’ experience is improved with some of the important everyday challenges they have in their work. All teams work on the same set of requirements for “product development” by developing parts of it that are consistent with a predefined product vision. Sharing of practice is the additional benefit of the 3-day Scrum Master course. The Trainer, who is an experienced Agile Coach and actively involved in the Agile transformation of various companies, lists realistic examples from practice, as well as new ways to overcome certain challenges.




#3 And what about the retrospective?


Very important, often “skipped” because of the lack of time, an additional topic of a three-day course. For the success of the Scrum implementation, a quality Retrospective is a necessary element that often does not get enough attention. In the course, based on the actual situations that the attendees point out from their surroundings, they are working on the design of Retrospectives, discussing the “difficult” situations Scrum Master deals with, and it would be highly recommendable to react in the same way.


What are the takeaways for Scrum Master Course Extended?


The main takeaways, compared to the standard 2-day course, are:

  1. Continual learning session;
  2. A larger set of topics is possible;
  3. Communication/collaboration with participants.


We can agree on one: There is always room for improvement. And so for many Scrum Masters, there may be no career path other than continuous self-improvement that Scrum Masters demand of their teams.


If you are a Scrum Master, what do you think your next step should be?


We’re happy to announce a whole new Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended (19th – 21st April 2021) with incredible Petri Heiramo and with the support of Scrum Alliance.

But, if you’re at the beginning, maybe you are looking for Certified Scrum Master Course (13th – 14th April 2021) with Petri Heiramo too. He will be your trainer, teacher, coach and true support during this important journey.

Are you ready? Is this enough challenging adventure for you?