What are the Top Skills of an outstanding Certified Scrum Master?

Published on 30th March 2021

„That absolute alignment of purpose and trust is something that creates greatness.“ – Jeff Sutherland, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time


It’s inevitable that these turbulent times inspect our ability to adapt to a certain situation. Agile is quite a logical answer in these circumstances. Let’s say that you’re searching for an ideal solution and ideal vocation that has become more and more valuable in almost every business. Have you considered becoming a Scrum Master? And the most frequently asked question:


What skills do I need to have in order to become a Scrum Master?


Well, before that, let’s talk about one myth about this role: Anybody can become a Scrum Master. Doesn’t it? According to Knowledge Hut, a Scrum Master is supposed to be a person who does not involve personally into the discussions going on in the sprints and daily stand-ups and keeps his eyes on the goal even when emotions are running high during the Scrum meetings. In reality, emotional intelligence is the most important prerequisite to become a Scrum Master.



To become a real Scrum Master Sensei you need to consider Scrum Master certification that is nowadays mandatory by many companies. In our ten years of experience in the Scrum Master course and certification, in cooperation with Scrum Alliance as a world-leading organization, we have educated more than 1500 participants.

Imagine two different persons. Two individuals, ready to invest in their Scrum Master careers. But, wait, what’s the distinction between these two? Answer: in their skills.



#1 Soft and Hard Skills


Through proper Certification, it’s easy to distinguish soft and hard skills. But, it is truly challenging to adopt them. So, technical skills are really essential. According to Scrum Guide, Scrum Masters aren’t part of the Development Team. Actually, they’re coaching the Development Team and the Product Owner and helping the Team as a whole to see as many benefits of Scrum as possible. On the other hand, organizational skills are inevitable for your role. The Scrum Master is responsible for keeping the entire team on schedule and ensuring that no task assignments escape notice. He/she must ensure that everyone stays on track. When we’re talking about soft skills, you probably heard that every Scrum Master needs to be a proper servant leader – someone who is always at service to make others great instead of blaming or judging the team and the Product Owner. SM helps, guides and supports, in each aspect of Sprint.


#2 Sharing is caring


And encouraging collaboration, right? Scrum Masters’ skill is to carefully observe the activities of his team on daily basis. Having good communication in order to discuss ideas and plans with the team is also a desirable skill. As sharing ideas are important, listening to others’ views is also meaningful. Finally, SM shares his/her experience via conferences, meet-ups, seminars and meetings with different people within or out of the company or project.


#3 Worthwhile partnership with Product Owner


Success isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, right? In this adventure, Scrum Masters and Product Owners are friends. They complement each other in current projects. Scrum Master should support the Product Owner in decision and empowerment issues and also help with tools and techniques.  Experienced professionals say that Scrum Master is a mix of an HR manager and Process manager, but on the other hand, Product Owner’s guiding about the business value of the product is priceless. Also, Product Owner should have a global perception of the clients’ demands. For these reasons, the Scrum Master needs the Product Owner. And this is one long, unbreakable circle.


#4 And, what about the Scrum Leadership?


Leadership is the key to 99% of all successful efforts, right? Scrum Leadership is something you’ll learn continuously. But, here are some great tips that great leaders say every day:

a) “What do you need?”

This is crucial for two reasons. First, people need to know that you care about them on personal and professional levels and that you want them to succeed. Second, if you’ve put together a great plan, you need to leverage every person’s abilities to the maximum extent possible.

b) “I trust you.”

If you can’t trust the people on your team, then they shouldn’t be in your team. You need to trust their integrity, judgment, confidence and their passion – and you need to ensure that they understand how much you depend on them.

c) “You can count on me.”

If your team can’t trust you, they shouldn’t do you the great honor of letting you lead them. So tell them you’ve got their back, and then work like hell to fulfill the promises you make.


And these are just small pieces of a great puzzle called Scrum Masters’ skills. Organization, empathy and a sense of community are also crucial, and we assure you that through certification, especially working with different people and their mindset, you’ll notice these significant aspects faster and smarter.



Don’t be shy and join us on this unusual journey. 🎯 


Scrum Master skills are easy to find but very challenging to learn. If you’re at the beginning, maybe you are looking for Certified Scrum Master Course (13th – 14th April 2021) with Petri Heiramo. He will be your trainer, teacher, coach and true support during this important journey.

Are you with us?