Walking through the Gathering – Behind the scenes of the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020

Published on 6th February 2020

You surely have heard by now that Agile Serbia will be the organizer of the biggest Scrum event – Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020. On June 4th-5th Belgrade will be honored to host this great Agile event, as well as some of the most notable names of the Agile world!

We have many surprises up in our sleeves, but you know you can expect great spectacle, twice more than we had at previous Agile Serbia Conferences. So, here are some things we prepared to enhance amazing experience we wish to share with you! 😊


The central place of gathering

The most important place for all our attendees will be the stages, as the main place of interaction during the whole event. Since our goal is to offer more great topics, this year there will  be one stage extra! You can choose between the Main stage, Development stage and Agile stage, and if you really like dynamics and interaction, the perfect place for you will be the Workshop stage.

The Main stage will be a place of grand opening and closing of the event. Here you can meet Keynote speakers Arie van Bennekum and Brian Marick, listen to their stories and hear amazing professional experiences of other speakers and their topics related to DevOps, Agile transformation, leadership or HR, Product development and newest SoftDev and IT technologies.

Development stage will host some of the most amazing tech experts from Serbia and abroad. Here you can discuss with the Tech keynote in his Q&A, listen about the automation process, as well as continuous development process, or how to ship your product, etc. Plenty of great and hot tech topics waits for your here.

The Agile stage will be a place where you can meet pure Agile in practice. On this stage, you can discuss with the Agile keynote, other speakers will lead you through the Scrum team journey or appoint you on the same pitfalls and how can you destroy your transition, etc. These and many other topics are waiting for you.

The Workshop stage will bring you Agile through various activities, games and case studies. If you know about Kanban, but you are not sure how to use it properly, you can join this amazing session. If you are a fan of other topics, there will be also great tech and Agile stories. The choice is yours! 😊


The places of networking

The experience would not be the same for sure without corners dedicated only to you! Whether you would like to chat with some of the speakers or coaches, ask them for advice or opinion, meet our partners and some of the companies, or simply relax. There will be three key points where you can take your time and meet all your needs.

Coaching corner is a place on Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020 where international and local Agile Coaches are available for consulting sessions. You can join them and share your own experiences and ask them to give you advice regarding possible approaches or techniques you can apply.

BIZ corner will give you a chance to get to know better companies that using and living Agile values. They will share their own experiences and how they do Agile in practice. This is a great opportunity to also learn more about their work and create business contacts for new B2B opportunities.

FUN Corner will be the place of chilling-out and informal communication between all attendees. Here you can take a coffee break and chit-chat with your teammates or meet other people. You can also discuss with some of the Agile/Tech stars but in a completely different atmosphere than on the stages.


The place of connection

The whole event will be the place where you can connect with other people, but it will be much easier and efficient if you use the official app – MatchAbout! This app will guide you through the whole event, starting from pre-event until its retrospective.

MatchAbout brings the event into the virtual world. All announcements and logistic details will be available as a support, Agenda will be in a real-time on the day of the event, so you can survey anything you need. It won’t be such a big deal if you miss something, everything will be recorded with the app – speaking sessions, documents, mutual chats, etc.

It will be much easier for you to find the perfect match you are looking for since hundreds of other participants will be there as well. You can simply define your own preferences and just in a few clicks you can connect with the right person. Then you can do the same onsite, but your connection stays forever.


Is this all of the Gathering?

No, we have already mentioned that there will be a lot of surprises we are keeping for the event. It will be great if you join us and let us share this amazing experience with you. We are absolutely sure it will be more than useful and fun for everyone. Get your ticket on time. See you at the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020, welcome all! 😊