Scrum Master Course Extended – what’s the trick?

Published on 25 October 2018

If you considered Scrum Master certification you might have some doubts regarding possibilities and offers you found.  Scrum is a simple framework that emphasizes teamwork, communications and speed across complex projects. Scrum Master 2-days course might be well organized and comprehensive, but is it really enough to cover all the things you want to know?

Many Scrum Master courses and certifications are also available, but for many the benefits are not immediately clear. That’s why we want to introduce you with most of advantages if you decide to take extended course, instead regular 2-days course.

Key benefits of Scrum Master – Extended Course

Based on our seven years’ experience in Scrum Master course and certification, in cooperation with Scrum Alliance as a world leading organization, we already educated more than 1000 participants. This November we will organize 20th Certified Scrum Master course.

Through the years and past experiences, very often we faced with inquiries from interested attendants about the difference between 2-days and 3-days course. So, here are some facts helpful to make decision easier.

Main question – do you get certified in both cases? Answer is double YES! So, whether you decide to take 2-days course, or extended 3-days form, you will be certified. As per Scrum Alliance, minimum time you have to take for full professional certification is two working days. Even with this course you meet all international criteria and requirements.

Still, most of our participants’ feedbacks suggested some modification, because many of them complained they need more time or information, or even more simulations and practice examples. As an outcome we designed extended course, to improve quality of course and attendants’ experience.

Pros & Cons regarding Scrum Master Extended course

Duration of course is the first advantage on the list, but not as itself, but because of other benefits. During the 3-day CSM course, the trainer and attendees have more time to elaborate more detailed topics that are an integral part of the course, where participants have more time to think about what they hear to apply in their environment in practice. Also, trainer has more time to answer on more question and for more interaction with all attendees.

We are aware that most of us who work already will be able to get two working days off, rather than three extra days for additional education. So, we could treat this as a first consideration. However, still you get more if from opportunity cost point of view.

After completing the course and passing the test, an internationally recognized certificate is issued Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Master. It is the same level of certification as in the case of a 2-day CSM course, but you get more value for a little bit more effort.

Nevertheless, our attendee’s experiences and feedback we received till now share very positive impressions and the most positive recommendations, which stimulated us to provide the highest quality course to all interested parties.

Your key benefits and self-improvement

  1. Scrum simulation, case studies and real problems from practice

Good simulation is great for learning, and it is fun as well. Through the simulation, attendants experience is improved with some of the important everyday challenges they have in their work. All teams work on the same set of requirements for “product development” by developing parts of it that are consistent with a predefined product vision. Lego simulation, for example, is excellent and that Scrum scalability is practically “experienced”, which is a challenging process for many in practice.

Sharing of practice is the additional benefit of the 3-day Scrum Master course. Trainer, who is an experienced Agile Coach and actively involved in the Agile transformation of various companies, lists realistic examples from practice as well as ways to overcome certain challenges. In addition, course attendees ask real questions and problems from their surroundings, where they get suggestions on how to lead specific challenging situations and get out of them as winners.

  1. Retrospective

Very important, often “skipped” because of lack of time, an additional theme of a three-day course. For the success of the Scrum implementation, a quality Retrospective is a necessary element that often does not pay enough attention. On the course, based on the actual situations that the attendants point out from their surroundings, they are working on the design of Retrospectives, discussing the “difficult” situations Scrum Master meets with, and it would be highly recommendable to react in the same way.

  1. Scrum Master base of knowledge

It is great advantage if you are already introduced with Scrum, even better if you are pro, because achieving the certification will teach you the skills needed to apply it effectively. If your organization has begun to implement the Scrum framework and you need to skill-up, achieving the Scrum Master certification will develop your base of knowledge.

In that case achieving the Scrum Master certification will fill any gaps you might have in your Scrum knowledge. However, it’s open as well for those interested to specialize for this level of knowledge, for them it’s much better extended type because of plenty of information. After all, you’ll need to study every aspect of Scrum to pass the certification exam.

  1. Mindset changing and making yourself agile and marketable

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework in the world.  With Scrum you can learn how to use it effectively and what you need to get into an Agile mindset. The most important ingredient of a self-sustaining and successful Agile approach is a team with an Agile mindset.

Certifications are the best way to market yourself to employers and prove to colleagues and managers that you fully understand a given field.  Course and certification will help to improve your skills. As a part of the team you’ll be able to think in an Agile way, leading to more effective workflow, better team cohesion and more successful projects realization.

  1. Scrum Master Certifications as the add-value on personal and community level

Scrum Master certification will expand your career opportunities across any organization that employs Agile practices. Certification also shows that you possess an Agile mindset and knowledge of methodology, relevant to every organization or industry that uses these practices.

Certification and ability to adopt a new framework are huge step and advantage for your team, any kind of level within organization or responsibility within team. Management will feel more comfortable investing in a Scrum framework if there are proven Agile professionals already among them. A Scrum Master Certification will assure management that you’re ready to implement the Scrum framework.

Now it’s time to get certified

Hope that we have managed to respond to all the doubts, or to explain the additional benefits of a 3-day CSM course in relation to the 2-day course. It is clear that the two-day CSM training is good solution, but with a CSM extended course we wanted to respond to the suggestion of the participants to be top-notch that the course lasts longer.

Certainly, our recommendation for anyone will be to take this course because of more benefits. It helps you to become a professional Scrum Master in 3-days on Agile Serbia course. You’ll train even twice more for less time spend – ideal for professionals and teams that need Scrum skills fast.