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Scrum Alliance – Special Sponsor of the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference!

Published on 10th May 2017


In order to simplify the definition of Agile Development, we like to say that it is another way of managing development teams and projects. A lot of people connect Agile Methodologies only with IT, but it is much more than that! Scrum, one of the most popular Agile Frameworks, has been applied to a variety of projects and teams. Whether you’re managing logistics for a store, or planning a charity event, or you’re developing a new application, you should take into consideration all the benefits of using Scrum. These are only a couple of them quoted by software development experts: higher team moral, higher customer satisfaction, decreased time to market, increased collaboration and ownership, higher transparency.

That is why professionals from all over the world are starting to see the value of using Scrum. For many of them, it’s not only sufficient to introduce Scrum in their processes, but they also want to be one-step ahead of others – to become certified professionals. When you are about to take this big step in your career, it’s important to figure out what exactly you want, and which certification is sufficient for you. Bear in mind that you should always think of long-term goals, regarding your career! And whichever role you find interesting, the great thing is – Scrum Alliance has a certification which is right for you!

If you would like to become certified in order to gain links to the Global Scrum Community, to help project teams properly use Scrum, to act as a “servant-leader” (to help teams learn Scrum framework and values, and protect them from internal and external distractions) then we suggest CSM – Certified Scrum Master. On the other hand, CSPO – Certified Scrum Product Owner is the right choice for the one individual who is close to the business side of the organization and who understands the needs of the stakeholders and the vision of the finished product. Keep in mind that the CSM and CSPO are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, if you take both courses you will gain a more rounded view of the Scrum process and your value will increase in any Scrum team. Once the certificate is obtained, a number of enthusiasts decide on taking an even further step, which is – becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP®), by earning SEUs – Scrum Education Units. In order to become CSP, you must earn 70 SEUs. You can go even further, to become Certified Scrum Trainer or Certified Enterprise Coach, and teach people around the world or run Agile Transformation within companies.

We immensely respect the largest, the most established and influential professional membership and certification organisation – Scrum Alliance. This association, whose mission is to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organizations has certified over 450 000 individuals worldwide. We are proud to say that the Scrum Alliance has the role of the Special Sponsor on the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference, for the second time in a row. Followed by the previously mentioned mission, we are doing our best in spreading knowledge and awareness of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 8 SEUs with your attendance on the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference!

So, don’t waste your time, become a part of something grand. Come, sprint with us in Belgrade, at the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference!