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Reasons why Companies should invest in Employees’ Education. Right now!

Published on 15th June

Do you know for this equation: Happy employees = Productive employees? And this is quite right. Actually, 7 of 10 people say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.

If you’re not offering to employees education opportunities then you need to rethink this. Luckily, today’s generation of workers has put education high on their list of most-desired benefits.


It’s not a secret: companies that offer valuable training programs experience a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.


But, in turbulent times, when businesses need a new way to keep things and results at the highest level, an agile way of working is something that is mandatory.

So, meet new superstars: Scrum Master and Product Owner!  🤩 


These roles should be something fresh and innovative in your company. Together, they’re making fantastic results and increase teamwork. It’s inevitable: agile environments created a huge demand for professionals with expertise in Agile and who can reach value on the highest possible level.

It’s simple – if you want to earn more money try to invest in employee training and education. Stay with us, because we recommend you to read some crucial benefits for these two roles. So…


Why should you invest in the next Scrum Master?


#1 He/She is adopting and applying an Agile mindset

Have you actually ever worked with someone who inspired people, made a great working place and increased team productivity? These things describe what Scrum Master can do. Agility is reality. As soon as you realize it’s inevitable, soon you’ll need an appropriate servant leader.





#2 He/She can anticipate potential problems and challenges between people and processes

One Scrum Master with support from his team knows how to release better solutions at lower risks. The main reason is this – a Scrum professional knows how an organization works since this framework is used in almost all industries. He anticipates the needs of each individual and team, giving ideas for implementing agile decisions. On the other side, Scrum Master protects the development team from the other opinions and influences.


#3 Self-organization as a modern business demand

And this is possible with the Scrum Master! Did you know that according to the 12th Annual Agile report (2018), 56% of employees are practicing the Scrum? Self-organization results that Scrum Master motivates the team in order to feel a sense of ownership.

Another Agile superstar is the Product Owner. And yes, investing in this role, you’ll have multiple advantages like these ones:


#1 Product Owner intimately understands your business and the problem of the project

He or she is a fantastic communicator, deeply understands the needs of the business and its users. Especially of customers. In the end, the great Product Owner has time to spend with the team to build good relationships to make sure the team figures the purpose of the product.


#2 Product Owner = An excellent Leader and inspirational Creator

And leadership isn’t something that is trivial. And not everyone can be a leader. Product Owner’s purpose is to create needs and learn to read customers’ demands. A combination of good practices, experiences and investment in education makes a great Product Owner.


#3 Product Owner is an outstanding business person…

…and someone says one of the business’s best people. And that’s why he/she is someone that is valuable for your company. In the end – PO knows how to deliver maximum value to the customers and we need customers’ attention, hearts and trust.

Congrats! By reading this article you truly understand…


…that there are many reasons why education is crucial for your employees and the company as a whole. Bottom line – when you invest in employee education, employees are happier, more productive and ready to make the best results. After all, Scrum Master and Product Owner are roles that are the present and the future of modern business.


Therefore, their certification is a must for many reasons and with the help of an official entity, this kind of education is at your fingertips. Agile Serbia in the first place is an incredible community created as an educational center inspired by the Agile framework as a new business standard in the world.

We’re happy to provide you all the necessary information and orientation about investing in your employees. And, that’s important, right?  😊