Product Owner: Advanced Superhero at your service

Published on 23rd September 2020

Tick-tock, tick-tock…


It’s September 2020, early morning, and a new challenging working day. The annoying alarm is there to remind him of the productive upcoming day. John is someone who believes that every success comes with faith, commitment and hard-working. Especially in turbulent environments and with demanding clients.

He works in specific and quite interesting surroundings. You asked what does it mean specific? John is a Product Owner. This vocation is really challenging and yes – it’s part of the Scrum Team. A typical day of a Product Owner is one rollercoaster with lots of adventures. ‘’What did I do yesterday?’’, What will I do today?’’ and ‘’What is impeding me?’’ are questions that John asks each day in order to check his improvements. Product Owner is a truly modern Sensei – he is a person who knows why a particular product should existhow it should be made, and how to make that product grow to its maximum. That’s why it’s very important that there are a good understanding and cooperation between the Product Owner and the development team. As a leader, he must manage the product from start to finish.


But, what if John is thirsty for more?


By now, John had at least one year of working experience as a Product Owner and depending on the nature of the product – a great understanding of clients’ needs, users, the competition, market and future trends. Certified and aware of this Scrum role, he thinks, actually – he knows and wants to improve himself.

It’s the role of the Product Owner to take a strategic, high-level overview while understanding and being able to take detailed decisions like product design. But still, John has a desire for developing his career. Besides this, he wants to learn how to better interact with the Development team, Scrum Master or with stakeholders. Also, learning different ways how to scale product or implement product strategies are crucial in upgrading his career. Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Course is a logical step.




Never stop chasing your dreams!


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. And this is well said. We all agree in one – there’s always going to be some obstacles, drawbacks and temptations working as a fully employed Product Owner. Each day for John represents real entertainment in order to execute every demand. He finds out that Agile Serbia is going to organize a whole new Course full of real-world examples from the experiences of Product Owners in different businesses. Practical examples, tips & tricks, as well as concrete guidelines, will be detailed explained here. Also, he saw that class:

  • Explains Agile and Lean Values and Principles, so he can on practical examples implement everything he learned and adopt in Course;
  • Explores ways to identify stakeholders and their needs, because each day is a new challenge and recognizing what Stakeholder particularly needs from John’s team;
  • Helps to understand the different ways by which John can scale his product in order to maximize value for his Stakeholders;
  • Explores product discovery and helps to understand better Product Strategy and with a better understanding of each decision and paragraph in Strategy, John will improve his determination to respect and realize every task;
  • Helps to understand Technical Debt and provide John a deeper view of this problematic – finding easy solutions is an everyday challenge for John;
  • Maintains the perspectives of areas that John’s organization may struggle with, so he can brainstorm solutions with the class.


Trust is Key


In this equation we can’t forget that having fun as the benefit contributes to John’s determination to attend this upcoming Course. Learning while not being bored is one of the desirable requirements and a nice side of this educational Training. In his career, John has figured out that trust is a key because he should not be afraid to rely on his team and he should have a good relationship with a Scrum Master.


Hustle for more


…and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself! John knows that. He doesn’t want to miss the chance to learn from the best and contribute to the business as the next Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner. Agile Serbia proudly stands as certified and the largest Agile community in the SEE region that provides quality and professionalism.

This Autumn we’ll organize a whole new A-CSPO Course (12th – 16th October) with our extraordinary Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach Miljan Bajić and according to early applications, this is going to be one exciting journey!

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight!