Management at Crossroads

Agile Serbia is announcing a Live Meet Up

When: May 12th 2022, at 18h
Where: Hotel Royal Inn, Street Kralja Petra 56, Belgrade
Moderator: Vladimir Kelava
Topic: „Management at Crossroads“

Everything is changing, and so is management. If you want to learn more about management challenges today, what are the techniques and tools to solve some issues, and what is the future of management, feel free to join us (it is a free event 🙂 ).

Vladimir Kelava is an Agile Coach, with more than twelve years of experience, and last three years official Management 3.0 facilitator.

He will explain the concept of Management 3.0 and the new agile mindset as well as why we need a new way of working as a manager, team leader, etc.

Some of the questions that we will cover at the meet up are:

  • Why the old way of working cannot solve current challenges?
  • What is the new role of a manager in the XXI century?
  • What does it mean “manage the system, not the people”?

At the end of the meet up, there will be a Q&A session, joint discussion, and networking for all participants.

How to attend?

You can register for the meet up at