The life according to Agile – meeting the Agile Serbia

Published on 25th July 2019

Agility is a common synonym for something dynamic, adaptable, in line with trends. Usually this term describes modern business, as inevitable changes on fast growing markets. However, when it comes to implementation in practice, situation is somehow different. IT companies are leaders in Agile implementation. The pioneer in this field within SEE region is Puzzle Software and its brand Agile Serbia.

Since its beginning in 2012, Agile Serbia has been constantly growing, relying on Agile and all the benefits of this approach. Over the years, Agile Serbia has built credibility and strong relationship within its community, by delivering excellent results in Agile education and support. Agile Serbia believes in Agile values and principles and uses them not only in its work. It also considers them a core of all educational events of the Agile Serbia community.


At the beginning it was simply Agile

Agile Serbia was founded as an educational center by Puzzle Software company, with the main focus on Agile Software/Product Development. Since its foundation, Agile Serbia has been leading and promoting the Agile way of working. This is was way of supporting thousands of people and organizations across the region on their Agile journey.

Agility means having flexibility with purpose and allows organizations to make important decisions and carry out their work in the most efficient way. Agile businesses work faster, show more flexibility and deliver greater value for money. The results are: satisfying customers, motivating employees and increasing profit.

Business improvement and successful Agile transformations are goals to which Agile Serbia is striving for through its activities. Simple, belief in power of Agile helps in mission to support organizations and business to reach their full agility. Because everything started with Agile.


Agile education as the key to success and new values

If you are facing the concept of Agility for the first time, simply said, it is a specific approach to product development, most commonly in software, but not exclusively. It represents adaptive planning, then development through iterations. Furthermore, this is an early delivery of functionality ready for the market, continuous improvement, flexible and fast feedback to market changes, as well as clients’ requirements.

The big question was – how to share Agile and its values with the public? Agile Serbia already had experience in Agile implementation related to its projects and products delivery. However introducing wider audience with its benefits was more challenging. This is how the mission of Agile education was born.

The story started a couple of years back with Certified Scrum Courses, first for the roles of Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner. With time, the list of courses has grown, including Agile Leadership, Agile Requirements and User Stories, as well as Agile Retrospectives Courses. In addition, Scrum Master Course got its extended 3-day edition, together with the specific mentoring Advanced Scrum Master program.


The story of learning and development

Courses became special kind of Agile manifestation, a series of one-month Agile educational events. This is how Agile Month was born, as one of the recognized brands. During the years, Agile Serbia has organized numerous Certified Scrum Courses in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, trained and certified hundreds of Agile professionals.

Listening carefully the vibes of the market, the idea of On-site training as a special kind of continuous education became the part of educational offer, in addition to public courses. The main difference is in the approach, this education of special significance for larger organizations and their needs, to train more people at once.

Educational goals are achieved through certified and non-certified education, consulting and coaching programs and events. Agile Serbia has established a whole range of educational events: Certified Agile and Scrum courses, trainings within Continuing Agile Education program, Agile Coaching training for companies. Then, meetups, various workshops and other free educational events, to top it off with Agile Serbia Conference, a biggest regional Agile and IT event.


Where Agile meets values
– Agile and Scrum events and gatherings

One great idea became one of the most famous brands – Agile Serbia Conference. The basic concept was to organize gathering for Agile and Scrum professionals, and to provide the best educational sessions. Nowadays, over 500 participants from numerous European countries and beyond take participation in Agile Serbia Conference and the same trend continues every year.

This Agile event has hosted top Agile and Scrum experts and leaders as speakers. They have shared their impressive stories and know-how on how to become more Agile and how we can improve ourselves and our skills, discussed trends and new techniques. So far, the Conference has welcomed world famous names such as Dr Alistair Cockburn, Angel Medinilla, Jurgen Appelo, Bob Hartman (Agile Bob), Marcello Duarte. With this year, this list continues to grow with David Evans, Riina Hellstrom, Mirko Kleiner, Sander Hoogendoorn and Jeff Sutherland, the founder of Scrum.

Agile Serbia Conference became the biggest event on the Agile approach to Software Development in the SEE Region. It has become a widely recognized, especially within IT industry. Here the application of Agile approach is the most frequent and the interest of the professional community is growing every year.


Agile Serbia meetings

Special benefit for all interested in Agile topics is a Meetup Cafe, as a part of educational activities. Meetups bring together everyone – coaches and professionals, as well as interested participants in recent Agile related topics and case studies. These free public educational events gather numerous participants, whether they are for advance or beginners level, to discuss and share experiences.

Successful as it is, Agile Serbia continuously develops itself and community through new projects and ideas. One of them is Coaching Club. This is a team of people interested in Agile, gathered to share knowledge and experience, and to progress towards Agile Coaches, Certified Scrum Professionals, etc. The Club members often become professionals in the field of Agile approach with different degrees, according to their preferences.

The significant role of the community is to offer meaningful support to companies and organizations during their transformation process. At the same time adopting Agile practices and trying to achieve more collaborative and more flexible form.

Agile Mentoring and Coaching helps individuals or teams in the most important parts of their Agile transition, when coaches provide in-depth understanding of the Agile practices and principles.

The community was founded with the goal to sharpen coaching skills, to help in overcoming practical problems. Other way is to find the best way to start with Agile. It represents a great place for inspiration, discuss ideas and challenges, ask questions, share experiences. This certainly is not the end of possibilities. Examples are our educational meetups, as well as this magazine, a pioneer on this market. Read more here


The new face of Agility

Agile approach ensures optimal use of all resources. As a value driven process, it helps you to eliminate issues during the process. There are team members divided into devoted teams that are doing tasks assigned, following the plan based on customer’s feedbacks.

Key benefits of Agile approach are to find all strengths and remove weaknesses in your organization. All essential information’s of a projects are sharing on daily basis. Thus, helps you stay on schedule and ensures the cohesion of the team’s work. For start-ups it’s essential to control waste of resources.

Agile traditionally belonged to IT and SoftDev companies. However, its benefits and effects are recognized by non-IT companies, where this approach becomes very present. Agile Serbia, as a trend maker and innovator brings this future in this region. Also makes Agile to become the power of changes.