Five Reasons why Agi would be a great Scrum Master

Published on 11th March 2021

For many years we’ve been meeting so many different people ready to accomplish their private and professional goals. But, what if we say that someone can be a perfect inspiration for the most popular Agile roles: Scrum Masters and Product Owners?

Actually, our inspiring figure as a perfect example of a Scrum Master is Agi! Agi is our brand ambassador and someone who represents the values of everything we do in Agile education. Agi symbolizes joy, familiarity, happiness and positive energy.

That’s why we came up with a great idea about why Agi would be a great Scrum Master. As our official mascot and with his sense of bravery and friendship, his personality can be easily matched to the attribute of one Scrum Master, right?


#1 Agi is communicative

Good communication builds fantastic transparency, right? Also, good communication creates an understanding within the team. Scrum Master as a servant leader encourages a team to be efficient and effective. But, Scrum Masters should be aware of one fact: constant communication doesn’t equal good communication. So, Agi as an experienced Scrum Master knows when the good conversation begins and on the other side – where the bad conversation ends.


#2 Agi represents friendliness, sociability and playfulness

Scrum Masters, as well as our colorful parrot, don’t like to be alone. Never underestimate a Scrum Master’s ability to understand you or reach something that he or she wants. Opportunities to play and interact are important for all Scrum Masters, as well as for our loveable fellow.


#3 Agi recognizes and acts on team conflicts

A great Scrum Master has the ability to recognize team conflict in an early stage so he or she can apply different activities to resolve it, and even better, he or she knows how to prevent conflict. Very often, the Scrum Master creates an environment where people cooperate and conflicts arise as often as possible leading to great ideas. That’s why Agi works agile – reacts quickly and smart when the problem appears.


„If you focus on the strength of the team, you will begin to find work as a positive challenge. “ – Salil Jha


#4 Agi encourages ownership

Agi, as a great Scrum Master encourages, leads and coaches the team to take ownership of their processes, tasks and environment. He also tries to understand why the team wants to implement a specific solution and how that can improve the performance of a project.


#5 Agi never gives up

Agi is bound and determined. He never gives up. As a competent Scrum Master, Agi believes that each problem has a solution and that by joint efforts the project can be successful. Confidence is the necessary spice in everyday activities especially in turbulent moments.


You know, everyone has their own superhero. Our is quite cute, irresistible and the perfect choice for one Scrum Master. And we didn’t hesitate when we choose someone who will inspire us to be the best and recognized in Agile world. Together with amazing Petri Heiramo and with the support of Scrum Alliance 13th and 14th April will be marked in spirit of Certified Scrum Master Course.

Do you wanna join to this unusual journey? 🎯 

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