Five Benefits of being fantastic Advanced Scrum Product Owner

Published on 3rd March 2021

Being fantastic in the job you do is a piece of art, right? Especially if you’re an Agile wizard, ready to transform the world with your invisible wand. Actually, being an amazing Product Owner is more challenging in practice, than what we are reading or learning about in theory, right?

Product Owner works in specific and quite interesting surroundings. You are asking yourself – what does it mean specific? A typical day of a Product Owner is one rollercoaster with lots of adventures. And if you’re Product Owner or want to be one and you’re right now reading this, remember: you’re a truly modern Sensei. Don’t be shy. You’re a Product Master: you know why a particular product should exist, how it should be made, and how to make the product grow to its maximum.


„Great products are engineered when Product Owners truly understands the desired outcomes by actively listening to people, not users.“ – Michael Fountain, Apptentive


But, what if you’re thirsty for more?


As we previously said – don’t be shy and admit it’s fantastic thing to upgrade yourself in professional way. It’s the role of the Product Owner to take a strategic, high-level overview while understanding and being able to take detailed decisions. We all agree in one – there’s always going to be some obstacles, drawbacks and temptations working as a fully employed Product Owner. Being progressive is always an advantage, especially if you wanna boost your willingness to learn something new. Being an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner is the next logical step.


What are the benefits of being an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner?


#1 Product Owner is the face, heart, and brain of the product, but on an advanced level

Product Owner now deeply understands the whole structure of the product, and he’s more experienced with various problems and disadvantages. Through years of practice, Product Owners have learned almost every visible and invisible details about the product.


#2 Product Owners will collaborate better with other Scrum roles committed to uninterrupted development

And in one project or business, collaboration is everything, right? Now, on this upgraded level, Product Owner has learned great tactics, guidelines and tips & tricks for better communication and symbiotic relationships. Also, advanced Experts will work with Stakeholders to iteratively build and release fantastic products.


#3 Product Owners will learn how to refine the backlog more fluidly and easily

Well planned is half done, right? Being advanced in something means that you adopt some new rules (based on previous experiences) and be an Agile Enchanter in order to create a magnificent backlog.


#4 Product Owners will explore large scope case studies of business-driven Agile transformations

Practice, practice and practice, right? With more practical examples, everything is going to be more clear and explained especially in tough situations when Product Owners need crystal minds and good strategies for each issue.



#5 Product Owners will better understand and use Agile engineering practices

And those practices are often too wide and not specified. Advanced training helps PO’s to really focus on segments that will help them to implement different solutions.


*** Agile in numbers ***


According to 14th Annual State of Agile Report 55% say their company plans to increase the use of Agile in the next 14 months. Also, 43% of organizations say their momentum for Agile adoption has increased over the past 90 days. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an emergency worldwide, especially in Agile vocations and a high demand for future Product Owners and Scrum Masters.




Hustle for more, and more, and more


Many more benefits that you didn’t read here you’ll experience in practice. Remember: don’t be afraid to invest in yourself! It’s always the right time to master and enroll in so many valuable studies and practical examples. And of course – to contribute to the business as the next Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner. Agile Serbia proudly stands as certified and the largest Agile community in the SEE region that provides quality and professionalism.

Spring is the ideal time for awakening. A big step into something new and valuable. In this 12th Edition, we are organizing a whole new A-CSPO Course (9th – 29th April) with our extraordinary Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach Miljan Bajić and according to early applications, this is going to be one exciting journey!

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the amazing flight!