Diary of a Leader Vol. 1

Published on 14th April 2021

„We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader…“


I’ve been humming this song for a couple of days now and I can’t put my finger on why.

I haven’t seen this Disney movie in ages, and being a girl, Peter Pan syndrome is not the first thing that crosses my mind.

I’ve been doing some self-search recently and I realized that our brain is the most complex organ in our body. Sometimes we have thoughts, actions, feelings that seem out of the blue, but when you dig deeper into it you find out that our brain has its logic that can be fascinating and a bit scary sometimes.





 So, what’s with this song? 😊 


At work, we are in the middle of our training and certification ride and we are fastening our seatbelts tighter since the dates are approaching.

One of the very important roles that we are trying to bring closer to our community is a role of a leader.

I told you – our brains are fascinating 😊


Let me shed some more lights on this connection.


Leadership is making a difference with intention


We have a children’s book character Peter Pan who leads a group of others who are called „Lost boys“. With his charisma, fearless attitude, mischievous and playful manner he persuades more children to follow him. He even got a real fairy to blindly and devotedly follow him to the point where she almost lost her wings protecting him.  Ok,  we shouldn’t go that far, but I am sure that you have come across some people in real life who are charismatic and who are very popular and admired by others. Perhaps we can say for them that they are born LEADERS, and we wouldn’t be much wrong, right?

So, except for the flying, what does Peter Pan have that others find appealing and what is more important, how can we become like that?

I believe that we are all born leaders, and that later in life some circumstances make us forget our capacities and value.


In our leadership training, we reflect on who we are, what are our skills, abilities and strengths and how can we motivate and encourage others to share our common goals and vision. We all want to be successful, to have our business strive and progress and to work in motivated and proactive teams. The first step is to start from ourselves since the image we what to bring to life has to start from us.  You can learn how to work at your best and become better at what you do, how to take responsibility and make better decisions and make progress faster and faster. Also, we work on developing relationships with ourselves, teams, employees, customers, market and suppliers and we learn how to set direction, measure progress and set systems where we can grow and develop further.


So, let’s throw some magic dust and start flying!


Taking up a leadership course was my recent decision. It gave me a new perspective on who I am, where I am and where I want to be and how to self – inspect. But I am that kind of person – inquisitive, reflective and empathic so it came like a second skin to me.

Still, being a leader is also about motivating others and since I best function with familiar surroundings, I decided to start with my family who endures all my experiments stoically😊 and implement what I have learnt on the course. So, stay with me in the next couple of texts about leadership in practice.


Jelena Milanović, Agile Serbia