Agile Rookie: We bet you didn’t know these things

Published on 15th July 2021

„…the agile movement in software is part of a larger movement towards more humane and dynamic workplace in the 21st century.“ – Rowan Bunning


Let’s make it clear – doing your job efficiently in turbulent times is really challenging, right? But, Agile is new normal. And that’s the main fact. Being aware of the significance of Agile for every company, project or team is priceless.

Actually, getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to feel great about things that are good for you. More and more companies are using Scrum as the most beloved Agile framework. But, most of them are using Scrum not so well or in inefficient ways. Some researches show that many companies claim that Scrum isn’t for them (not because they’re not predestined for Agile) but mainly some other frameworks work better. The context for an Agile Mindset has changed a lot. Really a lot. We can distinguish the development of Agile in the past, then how it really works in present after defining of Agile Manifesto and what are predictions for the future. You can see that changes are inevitable and these changes are recommended and in the spirit of Agile mindset.



We bet you didn’t know these interesting facts about Agile


If you’re an Agile Rookie who wants to know more about Agile don’t be afraid. Agile is sometimes challenging to understand, but over time it’s easier to adapt. Actually, Agile is about value delivery in complex environments. Right? In the previous article, we gave some valuable reasons why nowadays Agile is necessary. But, in order to closely understand this mindset keep reading about some amusing facts about Agile and its frameworks.


#1 Salaries in Agile are higher


That’s right. According to Agile Annual Salary – Agile Coaches in the US earn $153,810 per year (data from 2021). Also, the average salary for a developer, who knows Agile development principles, is over $90k a year (also in the US). These information tell you that learning everything or specific part of Agile (for your role or project) is quite valuable in these times.


#2 Projects that are using Agile methodology are more successful


More than 25% of the projects based on Agile are more profitable and successful than the projects based on the traditional model of project development. Also, interesting fact – more than 85% of more than 100 international software development companies prefer to use Agile methodology in their regular work.


#3 Agile is a mindset and beyond that


More and more companies are beginning to use this mindset, and that’s the great news. Agile is meant to help others employ this technology in their business. The idea of Agile is to react quickly in turbulent environments and to face uncertainty. Agile includes several significant frameworks with efficient strategies how to set and achieve goals.



#4 Faster, more productive and more efficient with Agile


Faster production, significant savings, more efficiency in achieving goals and more profitable projects are results of using Agile in your business, organization, or team. Agile development is giving companies a chance to edit through each stage of a project, rather than turning in the completed project, right? The advantages of Agile are wider and bigger than the disadvantages, right?


In the end, Agile is a colorful umbrella with so many valuable frameworks. Which one do you choose? We wanna give you some great options and here you can see them. Just tell us how can we assist you in this process and the rest is going to be fantastic! And, don’t forget to follow our Agile & THE Frameworks training in order to learn from the best about this business mindset.

Go for it, Agile Rookies!


This article is inspired and published on PM World Network and Ingenium Web blogs. Thank you for your inspiration and guidelines.