Agile Rookie: Scrum it is!

Published on 05th August 2021

„Scrum is like your mother-in-law, it points out all your faults.“ – Ken Schwaber


Let’s make it clear – doing your job efficiently in turbulent times is really challenging, right? But, Agile is the new normal. And that’s the main fact. Being aware of the significance of Agile for every company, project or team is priceless.

Actually, getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to feel great about things that are good for you. More and more companies are using Scrum as the most beloved Agile framework. But, most of them are using Scrum not so well or in inefficient ways. Some researches show that many companies claim that Scrum isn’t for them (not because they’re not adequate for Agile) but mainly because some other frameworks work better. The context for an Agile Mindset has changed a lot. Really a lot. We can distinguish the development of Agile in the past, then how it really works in present after defining of Agile Manifesto and what are predictions for the future. You can see that the changes are inevitable and these changes are recommended and in the spirit of Agile mindset.

In the previous articles about Agile and its interesting (and very attractive) facts we find out that this mindset is nowadays extremely popular with lots of advantages. As we said, Scrum is the most beloved Agile framework.




Scrum? How’s that?


#1 Same boat for the same passengers


You already know (or you’ve heard somewhere) that a marketer, software developer and programmer must function as one. Our dear friend and Trainer Petri Heiramo once said: “Once the above is in place, the people need to self-organize and get the freedom to do that. The management must not micromanage the team, but trust and expect that they figure out how to solve the problem.” So, Scrum supports self-organizing teams.


#2 Solving problems – yes or no?


Scrum doesn’t actually promise to solve any problems. Instead, it points to your problems and then it’s up to you to solve them. That’s why using Scrum is often so challenging but worthy for your business or a current project.


#3 Introspection: why not?


One of the things we love about Scrum is one special ceremony called retrospective. That’s right. Retrospective helps you to discover what goes wrong during the Sprint in order to look for potential improvements.


#4 Everything is about the people


And that’s one of the biggest truths in Scrum. You should respect and value people in your team and as Manifesto for Software Development says that “individuals and interactions over processes and tools” are very crucial. Especially good and meaningful communication.

In the end, Agile is a colorful umbrella with so many valuable frameworks. Which one do you choose? We wanted to offer you some great options and hopefully, you’ll find them helpful. Just tell us how can we assist you in this process and the rest is going to be fantastic! And, don’t forget to follow our Agile & THE Frameworks training in order to learn from the best about this business mindset.

Go for it, Agile Rookies!