Advanced Magician: Boost Scrum Master career to the next level

Published on 25th February 2021

„What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.“ – Don Zimmer



It’s always interesting how someone can be so passionate about their job. In some moments, that job becomes passion and passion becomes a valuable mindset. Being an experienced Scrum Master is quite an amusing trip – with lots of funny destinations, different people and amazing experiences. There is one unwritten rule – when you’re truly happy at one place and that place inspires you, you’re actually thirsty for more. When you visited 20 countries, you definitely wanna visit another one, right?




„I believe I can fly…“


For all of us, the sky is a limit. Especially in our professional careers. Let’s face this fact: Scrum framework is nowadays so popular and desirable across the whole the world. The World Economic Forum has named the Scrum Master as one of the top three emerging job roles in Product Development (source: Jobs of Tomorrow 2020). With a 58% adoption rate across organizations globally (the 14th State of Agile, 2020), Scrum continues to enjoy its popularity for its ability to reduce time-to-market, enhance product/process quality, boost employee morale and even foster future-ready organizations.

We are witnesses that the demand for skilled and certified Scrum Masters is seen to be growing across industries including telecommunications, education, retail, oil, finance & banking, insurance, consulting and government.


„Todays accomplishments were yesterday‘s impossibilities.“ – Robert H. Schuller


Being a fantastic Scrum Master is an art. This can be fun, exciting and very rewarding career. Being able to look back on a successful project and thinking, “Look at what I helped the team create” is very satisfying. But, we’re all growing and pushing your limits, right?


So, what’s the next step?



We proudly say something progressive and excellent. Actually, more advanced. Ask yourself:

  • if you’re looking for more practical examples, especially through Scrum simulation, case studies and solving real problems;
  • if you already have a Scrum Master base of knowledge but you need and you are thirsty for more, more, and more;
  • if you know that you will feel much better and fulfilled when you learn something new and really apply in your business and personal life. Scrum is the most popular Agile framework in the world;
  • if you are aware of the fact that each upgrade in your education is valuable for you and your career than you are on the right direction.


A team with an Agile mindset is the most important ingredient of a self-sustaining and successful Agile approach. Certifications are the best way to market yourself to employers and prove to colleagues and managers that you fully understand their job.  Course and certification will help to improve your skills. As a part of the team you’ll be able to think in an Agile way, leading to more effective workflow, better team cohesion and more successful project realization.

So, Advanced Certified Course for Scrum Masters (A-CSM) is inevitable in the journey of one Scrum Master. This is a huge and serious step and requires will, discipline and enough good mood and energy. Especially if you’re working with Certified Trainers. Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid and do it for yourself. The Agile world is so colorful and its part Scrum represents the brightest star in this fantastic Universe.


Let‘s ask again: Are you an orchestra conductor?


You definitely are, especially if you:

  • make sure the entire team supports the chosen Scrum process;
  • understand the power of self-management;
  • understand the value of a steady sprint rhythm and do everything to create and maintain it;
  • know how to truly listen and you are comfortable with silence;
  • understand the strength of coaching;
  • recognize healthy team conflict and promote constructive disagreement.

So, tell us: did you prepare for new and quite interesting challenges? ☺️