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The Career Path of a Scrum Master

The Career Path of a Scrum Master

Mike Cohn wrote a great blog post - The Career Path of a Scrum Master. From his experience, a Scrum Master’s career will usually evolve in one of four directions.

Walking through the Gathering - Behind the scenes of the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020

Agile Serbia is organizer of the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020, and Belgrade will be honored to host this great Agile event. Find out here quick facts about many surprises that waits for you this June!

Importance of Scrum Certification or Scrum training

The Scrum Certification serves to prove the credentials of the skills in Scrum terminology, practices, and principles. Scrum certification is a course where attendees are groomed to become self-motivated and become keen to accept greater responsibility. Being rewarded with internationally recognized Certificate.

Product Owner And Product Manager - Brothers In Arms

Many words have been spoken about the role of Product Owner, but still there is a question – to what extent is similar comparing to Product Manager role? This blog post gives the answers what are the connections, beside the word product.

Kanban as an Agile farmework – When and why to use?

Kanban is an Agile framework for managing the creation of products, a framework of visualization of the flow of work and here you will find list of benefits why you should use it and when it will be really helpful.

Kanban vs Scrum: Brief Guide through the most common differences

Kanban and Scrum strive to increase quality along with productivity and bring efficiency. These are main differences between most popular Agile frameworks.

How to lead Agile with/in tension

Olaf Lewitz shared with us his thoughts on successful formula for becoming strong leader and what we can do to become impeccable Agile Leaders.