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Why Practice Matters in Scrum education?

It's inevitable that nowadays we have a variety of vocations. Especially in technology and software development. But, following the demand of the market and fast-changing circumstances you are given a space to learn new things. Agile is always in trend. Scrum is a new way of living and working.

Seven Tips on how to get your first job as a Product Owner

Hello, future Product Owners! And all who are now seeking new enthusiastic ideas about PO's responsibilities. Let's find out some interesting advice about your first job.

Five Reasons why Agi would be a great Scrum Master

For many years we’ve been meeting so many different people ready to accomplish their private and professional goals. But, what if we say that someone can be a perfect inspiration for the most popular Agile roles: Scrum Masters and Product Owners?

Five Benefits of being fantastic Advanced Scrum Product Owner

Being an amazing Product Owner is more challenging in practice, than what we are reading or learning about in theory, right? Check out this article!

Advanced Magician: Boost Scrum Master career to the next level

It's always interesting how someone can be so passionate about his job. In some moments, that job becomes passion and passion becomes a valuable mindset. Being an experienced Scrum Master is quite an amusing trip - don't miss it!

Agile Manifesto: What has happened in the last 20 years? (Part 2)

We had a great chit-chat with co-creators of Agile Manifesto. Enjoy reading!

10 qualities of an amazing teammate

Great teams are built with great teammates, right? But what really grew these relationships was learning about a coworker’s interests and skills beyond the mundanities of work.