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Agile Rookie: Scrum it is!

Agile is a colorful umbrella with so many valuable frameworks. Which one do you choose? We wanted to offer you some great options and hopefully you’ll find them helpful.

Agile Rookie: Agile... why not?

For all Agile Rookies we have an important message – don't be afraid. We wanna give you some fantastic reasons why Agile mindset is the best solution for your company, organization, project and team.

How can Agile principles help you with implementing Agile in your organization?

It’s easy to understand Agile, but hard to implement in practice. The Agile way of working and thinking is efficient in so many ways, but it’s on us how to react to unpredictable circumstances.

How can you successfully implement Agile values in your organization?

Did you think about how companies implement Agile values and principles when they use Agile for the first time?

Does the Scrum Master role ever go away?

Does the Scrum Master role ever go away?

Scrum Masters coach, mentor, guide, and enable their teams to develop great products. The Scrum Master role takes less time as a team improves. But can a team excel without a Scrum Master?

Did you ever think of these unusual things in Scrum?

Having Scrum in your organization is a fresh and currently a very interesting change. Or you don't think that? But, if your organization finds a lot of benefits of Scrum, you'll be definitely surprised by these interesting facts about Scrum.

How Practice really make perfect Scrum Masters?

So, for all Scrum roles, but mostly for Scrum Masters and their upgraded colleagues Advanced Scrum Masters it’s crucial to say – learning while you're doing.