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Management at Crossroads

Everything is changing, and so is management. If you want to learn more about management challenges today, what are the techniques and tools to solve some issues, and what is the future of management, feel free to join us

Benefits of International Agile Certification

To be certified or not? That is the question. There are many things to consider when we decide to invest in our career. Some people take into account the financial moment behind the investment, some concentrate on the credentials of the certification body, while some focus on the applicability of the certificate – is it a local certificate, or will you be able to use it internationally?

We've become REA - Registered Scrum Alliance Educational Ally!

Big news for us! This 2022 has started with this exceptional information and we are happy to share it with you. Agile Serbia has been a partner with Scrum Alliance for a decade, and becoming the REA represents for us recognition as a reliable provider of scrum certified courses in this part of Europe.

Change doesn't happen in a linear fashion

People are responding to change, not resisting the change. Do you agree?

Organizations as complex adaptive systems

The new paradigm offers a new metaphor for the organization – it is a living system and its good management means growing and nurturing the system, not manipulating people.

Happiness at work is not a myth

We are announcing a new podcast episode to introduce trending topics for organizations and companies worldwide. One of such topics is, without a doubt, Happiness at work.

How to make engagement a built-in property of the organization?

In any project, people are the only participants capable of communicating with each other, organizing themselves, developing knowledge, showing creativity, and performing the activities needed to turn their ideas into products. But they also need the energy to make proper use of those capabilities and therefore Energize People is the first view in the Management 3.0 model.

Scrum Alliance - Why are they so unique?

Why Scrum Alliance is so unique and crucial for your professional path?