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Why does QA become an amazing Scrum Master?

Living and doing Agile isn't easy. It's a completely different philosophy that includes so many specific aspects and roles. In this mindset, besides the roles, like Scrum Masters and Product Owners, we must not forget to mention perhaps the most important – the Development team.

Did you ever think of these unusual things in Scrum?

Having Scrum in your organization is a fresh and currently a very interesting change. Or you don't think that? But, if your organization finds a lot of benefits of Scrum, you'll be definitely surprised by these interesting facts about Scrum.

How Practice really make perfect Scrum Masters?

So, for all Scrum roles, but mostly for Scrum Masters and their upgraded colleagues Advanced Scrum Masters it’s crucial to say – learning while you're doing.

A happy team is a productive team. But how?

Being a fantastic Scrum Master is an art. This can be fun, exciting and very rewarding career. Being able to look back on a successful project and thinking, “Look at what I helped the team create” is very satisfying. But, you’re all growing and pushing your limits, right?

Diary of a Leader vol. 3

What do you say: when is the right time for a change? And, why is the change good for each segment in our lives?

Five Coaching tips for Advanced Scrum Masters

The Scrum Master who loves the process more than the product is a likely candidate to follow a career path into becoming an Agile Coach or Mentor. Do you agree with this?

Diary of a Leader Vol. 2

When you gain new knowledge that is not your primary business, if you're not using it in practice, it is highly likely that you will forget it after some time. How do you gain experience and routine in something you don't do regularly but don't want to give up?