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Management 3.0 - beyond frameworks and traditional ways of thinking

Management 3.0 is not another framework that describes roles, artifacts, and events based on which you can say at the end of the day - we "implement" Management 3.0. Things don't work that way. Management 3.0 is a way of looking at the work system, a way of thinking and behaving, supported by a collection of tools, exercises, and practical experiences that can come in handy in our daily work.

Why, what, and how to measure?

The most important reason why organisations should use metrics is to drive improvement and to focus people and resources on what’s important. Good metrics will help you make decisions, drive performance, provide focus and drive strategy and direction of the organisation. Ultimately, metrics should help organisations see where they've been, where they're going, whether something's wrong, and when the set goals have been reached.

Kako se u Srbiji širi globalni biznis sa razvojem softvera?

Razvoj IT-ja u Srbiji je proteklih deset godina krenuo vrtoglavom brzinom. Srbija se pozicionirala kao jedan od važnijih IT centara za globalne kompanije koje ovde zapošljavaju stručnjake za razvoj softverskih rešenja. Ovo je dovelo do potrebe za sve većim brojem razvojnih centara, ali ne samo to već i do decentralizacije industrije.

The truth about dysfunctional teams - PART 1

The idea of ​​organizing people into teams to create a product or provide a service seems pretty simple. What happens in practice that makes the implementation of this idea complicated?

Boost the learning and experimentation mindset with Celebration Grid

What should we celebrate? Should we celebrate success? Or failure? Or both? The answer is not so simple. I believe it is clear why we should celebrate success, but what about failure?

The role of HR in Agile transformation

The benefits of the Agile way of doing business are visible very quickly if the basic recommendations are applied in daily work. Agile HR enables experimentation, and step-by-step progress, tolerating mistakes and learning from them. Each team needs to find a framework that works for them, depending on the number of people, industry, culture, and business needs. Sometimes, different tools can be combined to constantly improve. The best approach should be originated through a cycle of testing and learning.

Building learning organizations with Shu Ha Ri

Trust is the foundation of real Teamwork

It’s only natural that we trust the people who are close to us, but the ramifications of this go far beyond our personal life. In business, too, trust is the cornerstone of successful collaboration, which is why teams need to actively work on building bonds based on trust, openness, and empathy if they want to achieve top results.

Reasons to attend Regional Scrum Gathering 2022

The Regional Scrum Gathering ℠  2022 "Agile in IT and Beyond" will be organized in Belgrade! If you were a previous year's participant, you don't need too much persuasion.