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A transformational change at IBM

This is the true story of a successful Agile change initiative, IBM transformation, with their way of success; describes what was done, why, and explicitly how.

Domain Knowledge as a Catalyst in Distributed Teams

There are a few enablers we gained experience with, such as "Domain Knowledge as a Catalyst", "Skills instead of Roles"and "Communication Promises , yes, but…!" In this blog focus is on the role of Domain Knowledge as an enabler in distributed teams.

Scrum Master - The person who brings team together

When we talk about Scrum team and the way it works, we usually focus on the framework, meetings and the flow. Rarely are we focused on energy and communication between the people, missing out a huge part of our possibility to succeed.

Get to know your stakeholders

The Product Owner and the product development team are rarely left alone to build a product without different levels of interest from the invested sides. Usually, they’re part of the company as well as the market. They are just one of the components in this system that defines, creates, markets and sells the product.

My Journey and Why You Should Reflect and Invest in Your Career

In one meeting, the career coach gave me one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard. He said that I should evaluate my career path frequently as to whether I was happy, how much I was progressing and whether I still wanted to carry on.

Scrum Master’s biggest challenge of all

Scrum Master’s biggest challenge of all

Scrum is not just about the meetings and schedule. It's not about Sprints, meetings and having different roles named to fit Scrum roles. It’s not about just being able to say Scrum, ‘cause it’s not a magic word to be used when you need it. Scrum is belonging, trust, commitment, lots of hard and high-quality work... The biggest challenge for a Scrum Master is having others understand the true nature and culture of Agile, and accept it as the most natural thing in the world!

Reasons to further knowledge in Scrum - Advance skills with A-CSM

As Certified Scrum Master, with more than 6 years in practicing Scrum/Agile, and helping organizational transformations I asked myself "how to set up my Agile knowledge to a new level" in my busy schedule. It 's always hard to find time for further learning and enhancement. In a meanwhile, I joined 6-week online A-CSM course, led by Miljan Bajić. The main takeaways is a continual learning session of a month and a larger set of topics, compared to standard 2-day course. Also, there were people from the USA, West Europe, Balkans, making the whole thing more valuable by promoting the sharing of experiences.