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Employee experience

Studies show that the organizations that invest the most in the employee experience are then more likely to be rated the best places to work, lead on innovation and achieve great customer satisfaction. Great employee experience translates into great business results and that is why organizations need to keep their employees happy, connected, engaged, and safe, both physically and virtually.

How to be a SUCCESSFUL manager in an AGILE environment?

Today, we live in a world where a change in the business environment has become a constant, driven by factors such as e.g. globalization and world economic challenges. Many organizations, therefore have a big problem adapting to the challenges of today's international business world.

Who is the agile coach and what value he/she brings to people and organizations?

This month we’re celebrating 22 years of the Agile Manifesto, which we can all agree changed the world. It introduced us all to the idea that change can be harnessed and celebrated. It provided us values and principles upon which to stand and from which to build practices that help us keep pace with an ever changing world. It taught us that change is the only constant, and that it should be embraced.

Psychological safety

Can you raise your hand and say – I made a mistake or I don’t understand what am I doing, or I am struggling at home and it is affecting my work or I need help with this? These are difficult to say and sometimes we choose to keep quiet.

Management 3.0 - beyond frameworks and traditional ways of thinking

Management 3.0 is not another framework that describes roles, artifacts, and events based on which you can say at the end of the day - we "implement" Management 3.0. Things don't work that way. Management 3.0 is a way of looking at the work system, a way of thinking and behaving, supported by a collection of tools, exercises, and practical experiences that can come in handy in our daily work.

What are the Top Skills of an outstanding Certified Product Owner?

What skills do I need to have in order to become a Product Owner? This is one of the frequently asked questions and we're giving you some answers.

Why, what, and how to measure?

The most important reason why organisations should use metrics is to drive improvement and to focus people and resources on what’s important. Good metrics will help you make decisions, drive performance, provide focus and drive strategy and direction of the organisation. Ultimately, metrics should help organisations see where they've been, where they're going, whether something's wrong, and when the set goals have been reached.

Kako se u Srbiji širi globalni biznis sa razvojem softvera?

Razvoj IT-ja u Srbiji je proteklih deset godina krenuo vrtoglavom brzinom. Srbija se pozicionirala kao jedan od važnijih IT centara za globalne kompanije koje ovde zapošljavaju stručnjake za razvoj softverskih rešenja. Ovo je dovelo do potrebe za sve većim brojem razvojnih centara, ali ne samo to već i do decentralizacije industrije.

The truth about dysfunctional teams - PART 1

The idea of ​​organizing people into teams to create a product or provide a service seems pretty simple. What happens in practice that makes the implementation of this idea complicated?

New workforce trends and HR agility

The whole world is facing the "Great resignation" phenomenon when more than half of the employees are looking for a new job or are planning to do so in the near future.