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Agile Serbia has brought Agile in SEE region on so many levels since foundation. For the last eight years our educational center started with Agile education, with certified and non-certified courses and training. Then, we founded the biggest regional Agile gathering – Agile Serbia Conference. Finally, proudly present our last Agile innovation – AgilEast Magazine!

The AgilEast Magazine is the first such magazine distributed throughout the local Agile community.  Therefore, it is for local developer, business and startup scene, with aim to provide information about how to achieve agility in their transformation process. Beside the fact you may enjoy in printed edition, now it is available online, if you more prefer digital.


Driven by some great ideas…


The mission of AgilEast Magazine is to inspire the readers to go in good directions and choose wise decisions on their way of Agility, making positive impact in their organizations and business environment. Focus of the magazine is on the utility of Agile approach to enable a force that shapes the power markets.

AgilEast Magazine covers a wide range of topics aimed at transforming your world of Agile theory and practice: Agile trends across various industries, the stories of success, issues of diversity, challenges and solutions. The topic of this edition is Agile In & Beyond IT. Therefore, it is full of information and guidelines for professionals and beginners on their Agile journey.


… We inspire  your Agile journey!


Through its articles, interviews and stories, the magazine encourages and enables Agile practitioners to improve communication and mutual work. Whether they are software or business developers, managers or team members, programmers, marketers or recruiters this is right place. There are great topics for everyone.

Do not hesitate to share with us your impressions, we appreciate it very much. It will help us in our way to prepare more amazing stories, with purpose to make your work more innovative and productive.

Read AgilEast and enjoy this incredible Agile journey!


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