1st Agile Month

Be REALLY Agile!

Specific Agile Trainings & Certified Scrum Courses tailored to you!

Agile Month-Nov 2015 was the first regional Agile gathering of educational character that included successive training sessions in one month, regarding adoption of agile software development methodologies and best engineering practices.

The main goal of Puzzle Software, as the founder of Agile Month, is to provide regional market with high-quality education concerning the “Scrum” and “Agile” implementation, but also improvement of all phases of software development life cycle. Feedback from participants proves the success in the realization of this goal.

Trainings offered through the Agile Month-Nov 2015 were an excellent mix of theoretical knowledge and the best engineering techniques & practices required for achieving agile software delivery.



From the participants

Certified Scrum Courses – CSM and CSPO - are already popular in Serbia. In cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, Puzzle Software certified more than 320 Scrum Masters and Product Owners during the last few years.

On three certified courses organized in this November, participants were not only from Serbia, but from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Switzerland. The structure of attendees was very diverse, which implies that more and more companies are aware of the value of the Scrum methodology implementation. Besides a large number of developers, certified Scrum courses were attended by people who are not directly related to the technical aspects of the software development life cycle, such as Product or Project Managers, Business Analysts, IT Managers, Line Managers, Team Leads, and similar. Feedback from all of them indicates that they have figured out how Scrum actually works and how to be a good Scrum Master or Product Owner. They have also had a great opportunity to exchange their experience with the colleagues and to feel the real atmosphere of self-organized teams. Content of the courses and Petri Heiramo as the Scrum Trainer are very highly rated.

Advanced Agile trainings were organized for the first time in Serbia during the Agile Month-Nov 2015. Participants have been already familiar with the Scrum methodology and wanted to learn more about the techniques and engineering practices required for agile product development. Their feedback indicates that they have learned a lot of about defining and prioritizing of agile requirements, characteristics and splitting of user stories, MoSCoW rule, DoD and DoR, lot of about agile planning and estimating principles, practices and techniques which mean explanation of story points, relative sizing, estimation by analogy, disaggregation, planning poker, velocity-driven and commitment-driven iteration planning activities. Agile Engineering Practices training was participated more by software engineers whose feedback tells us that they figured out how to achieve quality and productivity at the same time, how to use Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development, and Pair Programming and Behaviour Driven Development concepts, as well. Content of the trainings and experienced Agile Coaches are very highly rated.

Participants’ delight with interactive exercises, knowledge and experience exchanging among colleagues and discussion with trainers, were common to all trainings during the Agile Month-Nov 2015.


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