4th Agile Month

The transition towards a better software

Full of excitements, novelties and events, the 4th Agile Month is behind us. For the first time in this part of the world, one of the most famous IT scientist and one of the creators of the Agile approach, Dr Alister Cockburn has participated as a lecturer at the Advanced Agile Master Class, and at the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference, as a keynote speaker.

We are more than proud to say that the interest in this Agile Month for our educational events was above all expectations. We have organized two Certified Scrum Master Courses, one Certified Product Owner Course, already mentioned Advanced Agile Master Class with Dr Alistair Cockburn, Agile Requirements & User Stories Training, and Scrum Anti-patterns & Repairing Guide Training. All courses and trainings were filled to capacity!

As usual, there was an Agile meet-up before the Agile Month, and one free Scrum Workshop during the month, therefore many people had the opportunity to expand their knowledge in Agile Development and meet the Serbian Agile community.

The cherry on the top was the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference, with more than 500 participants from 12 different countries! This event was supported by 60 sponsors and organizations, and with more than 160 media announcements. The feedback from the attendees is our motivation to strive for even more in the upcoming years.

Agile Month May 2017


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