2nd Agile Month

Serbian Agile Community is getting bigger!

Agile Month April 2016 was the second series of educational events on Agile Software Development. More than 100 Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners were certified. The organizer, Puzzle Software is the regional represent in this field, and a valuable partner of those companies that are in the process of Scrum adoption, education and certification. For those who are familiar with Scrum framework and other Agile Methodologies, Puzzle Software organized three Agile Workshops during the Agile Month that were free of charge, with the goal to help those participants to better adopt Scrum and improve processes in their companies.

More and more companies in Serbia are becoming aware that using the Agile methodologies during the process of software development is a must for achieving competitiveness on a global market and being responsive in fast-changing environment. Therefore, the Advanced Agile Trainings were highly attended this time.

How large the Agile Community in Serbia is, confirms the fact that on the final event of the Agile Month – 1st Agile Serbia Conference were more than 400 participants, interested in Agile software development, start-up projects, and IT industry in general.

Agile Month April 2016


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