Agile Month Autumn 2022: Growth Mindset

Autumn is a great education season! 

For the past 10+ years, we organized many Courses and many Participants succeeded to achieve fantastic careers in Agile.

Now it's time for 15th Agile Month! 

15 is a very nice number, don't you think? It refers to the source of power and cooperation. This number is relevant for those who want to learn and make a significant change in their lives.

...and that's why we have prepared great novelties and wonderful surprises for this month!


Again, this Autumn, you have the opportunity to learn from our wonderful TrainersPetri Heiramo, Olaf Lewitz, Zuzana Sochova and Miljan Bajić who will provide knowledge and support to all those interested in Scrum rolls: Product Owner, Scrum Master & Agile leaders.

But, above that, we are here to introduce you a whole new world of  Agility in HR and Agility in Marketing, as well as Management 3.0. The great Trainers Ilija Popjanev and Vladimir Kelava will take you on this new exciting journey.


These are the upcoming certified Courses:


# Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Petri Heiramo 

# Certified Scrum Master Course with Petri Heiramo

# Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Zuzana Sochova

# Certified Agile Leadership Course (Essential/Teams) with Olaf Lewitz September

# Certified Agile Leadership Course (Essential/Teams) with Olaf Lewitz November

# Advanced Scrum Product Owner Course with Zuzana Sochova

# Advanced Scrum Master Course with Zuzana Sochova

# Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop with Vladimir Kelava 

#Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification training with Ilija Popjanev 

# Agility in Marketing


* click on any training to learn all about it, see options and register.

We want to take this opportunity!

We want to say: THANK YOU.

Thank you because:

  • You are eager to learn
  • You are working on your career
  • You have been with us all these years
  • You give us your trust...

...and, because of you, we remain the most recognizable institution of Agile education, built on monumental companies, hard-working participants, and always curious community.

We adore our community - Agile Serbia community. We have a strong goal to help the Agile community Serbia in every situation and be there for all members. Also, our Agile Community is rapidly growing, especially when we talk about our series of Podcasts Let's talk about Agile.

And, don't forget on our fantastic community on MatchAbout app! 


Stay and live Agile!


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