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Agile Month Spring 2022: 14 is a lucky charm

Spring is a magical season! Especially when it's colored in number 14! This number is associated with knowledge, travel and exploration of unknown territory! It's always time for education, that's right! For the past 10 years, we organized many Courses and many Participants succeeded to achieve fantastic careers in Agile.

For this 14th Edition, we prepared some great surprises!

Our fantastic Trainers – Petri Heiramo, Miljan Bajić, Olaf Lewitz, Vladimir Kelava, Zuzana Sochova and Ilija Popjanev are here to introduce you a whole new world of Scrum roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Leader, and HR Agile Professional. Also, being a Certified Management 3.0 Facilitator is a great opportunity to learn and adopt upgraded knowledge about management and its principles.

For the first time, we are pleased to announce a whole new Certified Training - Agility in HR (ICP - AHR) Training for HR professionals in order to become a better HR partner for those working in your company and provide greater support in the agile culture and mindset.

This is a schedule of the upcoming certified Courses:


#SOLD OUT: Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Petri Heiramo (11th – 13th April)

#SOLD OUT: Certified Scrum Master Course with Petri Heiramo (19th – 21st April)

# SOLD OUT: Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Zuzana Sochova (9th – 10th May)

#SOLD OUT: Certified Scrum Master Course with Zuzana Sochova (11th – 12th  May)

# SOLD OUT: Certified Agile Leadership Course (Essential/Teams) with Olaf Lewitz (19th – 20th May)

# SOLD OUT Advanced Scrum Product Owner Course with Miljan Bajić (14.03 – 11.04.)

# Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop with Vladimir Kelava (26th - 27th May)

#Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification training for HR professionals (06th - 07th June)


After all, thank you - because of you, we remain the most recognizable institution of Agile education built on monumental companies, hard-working participants, and always curious community.

Also, our Agile Community is rapidly growing, especially when we talk about our series of Podcasts Let's talk about Agile. And, don't forget on our fantastic community on MatchAbout app – Agile Serbia community!


Until then, stay and live Agile!


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