Agile wonders for this productive Autumn!

Everybody loves Autumn! For the past 10 years, we organized many Courses and many Participants succeeded to achieve fantastic careers in Agile. So, we can say that this Autumn Edition was completely successful!

For this 13th Edition, we prepared some great surprises! For the first time, we organized Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop (16th and 17th December) with Vladimir Kelava with amazing 16 participants from different companies.

Our fantastic Trainers – Zuzana SochovaPetri Heiramo, Olaf Lewitz, and Miljan Bajić were here to introduce you to a whole new world of Scrum roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Agile Leader; while Vladimir Kelava led your way to redefine leadership and management for happiness with Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop! 

On your demand - we organized the 2nd edition of the Certified Scrum Master Course with Zuzana Sochova on 6th and 7th December! 

Also, on your demand, there was the 3rd date of Certified Scrum Product Owner Course (20th & 21st December) with also our fantastic Zuzana Sochova!

We had a Certified Agile Leadership Course (Essential/Teams) created for all Agile Gurus in leadership. For all Professionals hungry for more, we organized a whole new Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Miljan Bajić.



Also, our Agile Community is rapidly growing, especially when we talk about our series of Podcasts Let's talk about Agile. We organized four, quite interesting Podcasts. And the cherry on the top - we organized the first Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2021 with the most recognizable Agile professionals in the world!

After all, thank you - because of you, we remain the most recognizable institution of Agile education built on monumental companies, hard-working participants, and an always curious community.

Until then, stay and live Agile!

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