Agile Transformation

Everyday presence of an Agile expert within your organization

If you were thinking of transitioning from traditional Project Management methodologies to more Agile approaches, we have a solution for you! The best option for companies that want to adopt and implement an Agile Methodology, but also to stay focused on its core business, is definitely Agile Transformation.

Agile Transformation means commitment of an Agile Coach during agreed period of time who is leading the transformation process in the company. Responsibilities of a coach are coaching individuals, coaching teams, and enterprise level coaching.  Agile coaches are experts in Agile – both theory and practice. In addition to in-depth understanding of the Agile practices and principles, they also worked in organizations that have successfully adopted Agile. Our Agile Coaches has led organizational transformation in different industries like telecommunications, energetic, software development, etc.

Agile Transformation needs to be top-down and bottom-up, iterative and incremental. Constantly experimenting, trying different things and possibilities is crucial, as well as reflection on successes and failures. There is no ideal template to follow in terms of a process. However, there are different practices which can be adopted within the transformation faze.

In general, Agile Transformation includes several steps:
  • Assessment of the company’s readiness for agility in terms of existing software/product development life cycle, procedures, practices, responsibilities, resources/competencies;
  • In-house formal education of relevant stakeholders and teams;
  • Establishing the ways for tracking and overcoming impediments;
  • Formulation of the vision, goals, strategies and tactics for Agile transformation;
  • Monitoring, mentoring and coaching the individuals and teams at all organizational levels;
  • Support teams  through all phases: forming, storming, norming and performing;
  • Training new Scrum Masters and Product Owners through real-life challenges;
  • Continuous retrospective and review of the current projects;
  • Consultancy on the specific challenges within the agile initiative.

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