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Meet the largest Agile community in the region and the educational center Agile Serbia

Agile Serbia has been founded as an educational center of the company Puzzle Software 8 years ago. Since its foundation the main focus was Agile Software Development and its improvement. Regarding experience in this field, challenges in practice our founders shared with colleagues, the idea was born.

For us business agility means having flexibility with purpose, which allows organizations to make important decisions, to respond faster and more efficient. Agile businesses work faster, better and deliver higher value – satisfied customers, motivating staff and important as well, profit. With this kind of approach and best practices we use to improve all aspects of an organization, building new culture.

Ten years back one amazing training at Faculty of Organizational Science helped one great idea to be born. Our founders had rich experience in traditional software development and had battled challenges like lack many of their colleagues. For many such challenges the answer was Scrum, a framework they discovered in 2009 when the first CSM course was organized in Belgrade. This new approach to product development seemed so logical that main mission become to help others with the same issue.

Everything after that was just a history, history of Agile in Serbia. Idea that Agile education will move thing forward in software development became real with Agile Serbia. Soon after started the story of Agile education with Certified Scrum Courses for the roles of Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner.

The beginning was challenging, because it was pretty much unknown to the market a decade ago. But we really believed in the power of Agile and the mission we started. It became clearly obvious that complex tasks and projects demand highly skilled professional and continuous improvement. That is how Agile education started and became well-accepted, for its need. Over these years, it has become tradition for us to constantly improve ourselves and provide an exceptional choice of educational events.

During the years we have been organized numerous Certified Scrum Courses in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, public or on-site. Proudly, up to this year we have certified more than 1000 Scrum professionals and Agile leaders and held more than 1500 hours of training. Over time educational offer expanded to Non-Certified Agile training, providing also on-site training to our partners all around the Balkan region. Beside them, our Coaches have led many Agile Transformation programs.

How do we achieve our goals? We simply understand business. Our focus is on practical business needs that add real value to the final result. We aim to help our clients establish environment that leads to growth and success and ensure results. With our experience working with hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations we can offer the best quality of Agile education and the best support for development.

Agile Serbia is fully committed to help businesses be Agile – to be adaptable and flexible for changes and market challenges. Except certified and non-certified Scrum Education and Agile Coaching, very popular became our events. We organize various Agile Gatherings – free workshops and meet-ups. Our biggest regional Agile gathering is Agile Serbia Conference, brand famous in country and abroad.

Since its foundation Agile Serbia has been leading and promoting the Agile way of working, supporting thousands of people and organizations on their Agile journey. And we still go for it!


Meet our Team

According to Agile one of the most important values for any business are people. Agile Serbia wouldn’t be what it is without this incredible people and their contribution. Proudly present our team.



Meet our Experts

Our Agile Coaches helped numerous organizations in their Agile transformation. Since we are seriously dedicated to Scrum and other Agile approach, we cooperate with many Agile experts and we are able to provide a Certified Scrum Trainer or Agile Coach on your request. Proudly present coaches whom we worked with, more info on this link.


Meet our Community

Agile Serbia has a focus on our local community and free educational events promote networking within Agile community. We encourage members to participate events, to ask questions, to share experiences and discuss practice and to be actively involved. Become a part of our big Agile Community, join us today!



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