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Agile Serbia Marketing Manager Wanted

Hey you, who are reading this ad, maybe you’re the next…


Agile Serbia – Marketing Manager



But, before everything, let’s introduce us…


Agile Serbia, a brand of Puzzle Software, continues to fly above the clouds. We achieved many things in previous years as a team – became the first Agile Certified institution in Serbia, certified more than a thousand professionals with worldwide recognized certificates, organized 5 outstanding Agile events…

With time our public courses had grown, and they became a part of the educational manifestation known as the Agile Month. Our dream was to gather the whole Agile community in one place, so we organized the Agile Serbia Conference in 2016 for the first time.

Up to these days, we have organized 13 Agile Month manifestations and 5 outstanding Conferences, and now we are going for more. Besides that, for the first time we held Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade and we can’t be more proud of this fact! 😊

This is what we’ve achieved so far. But we want much more, because opportunities are endless, as well our ambitions. That’s why we share this story with you.


So, how we would describe you?


We do not expect you to be a unicorn or some kind of ninja. But, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, searching for the everyday adventure, you’re in the right place. 😊

Still, we would appreciate it if you have some proven experience in marketing. Of course, you can expect support from your team anytime, but you will make decisions and do the actions. Resolutions about the shared goals you will set together with the team, and discuss them in your daily meetings. For your own domain, online channels, you will have the freedom to make decisions and suggest the best decisions and approaches. That’s why your experience is your very strong tool.


What do I need for this job?


You should have outstanding knowledge about marketing and its placement because you will be taking care of our community. For that, you should have strong communication skills and sense of what are the currently marketing trends.

Using analytics tools to monitor social media, online channels and blog you will improve our appearance, so strong analytical skills are very desired. An additional bonus on your side will be if you are familiar with Google Ads, but copywriting skills will be more important. Besides dealing with the words and content you will deal with people, whether through the digital or on our events.

As a person who will be in-front-of the organization, you have to be able to talk to people in a way that makes them comfortable with you. That’s why we would like you to be a warm, friendly and easy-going person, versatile in interests and wide-educated. It would be great if you come from the faculties whether of Economics, FON, Political science, Philology, Philosophy, etc.


How your daily routine will look like?


Many things we have already mentioned explaining the profile we would like to match with us. However, let us introduce you more in detail with your future working place. There is a lot of multitasking expecting you but don’t be afraid at all. We don’t put pressure on our team members at all, we are organized as a Swiss watch mechanism. 😊

You will be our Marketing Sensei, coordinating with all other departments, helping us to build, grow and manage a company’s online communities. Your role within marketing will be creative, so you will be in charge of marketing and content creation, engagement with the followers, and social media, market analysis, live and online events appearance and to help increase brand awareness.


Did you find yourself here? 


Great! Because Agile Serbia Team is waiting for you to join us!

Why join us and become the part of our little tribe? It will be a unique opportunity to work in a small team and enjoy in self-organization without micro-management, with great opportunities for promotion in terms of bonuses and self-improvement.

You will have great opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills, to be in-line with new trends. If you process information fast, are a strategic thinker with a strong interest in helping to develop this fantastic virtual corner, this is the perfect place for you. For your own domainyou will have the freedom to make decisions and suggest the best approaches. That’s why your experience is your very strong tool.

An attractive benefits package, modern workplace and an enthusiastic environment with the same people are waiting for you to make us stronger! 😊

So, what do you say? Do not hesitate to contact us, submit your application by email scrum@puzzlesoftware.rs We are already waiting to meet you! 📥✅


Deadline: 16.01.2022.

Office Location: Belgrade