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Seven Tips on how to get your first job as a Product Owner

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Hello, future Product Owners! And all who are now seeking new enthusiastic ideas about PO’s responsibilities and duties.

But, very often it’s hard to find really satisfying job as a freshly new Product Owner. And this adventure can be fun, exciting and very rewarding. Being able to look back on a successful project and think, „Look at what I helped the team create“ is very satisfying. But, how do you get the first job as a Product Owner if you don’t yet have experience?




Try with these tips:


#1 Look for opportunities with your current employer first


In many cases, an excellent first step is to find opportunities to practice at least small parts of agility within your current employer. For example, on a project that isn’t fully ready for agile or isn’t interested in such a big change, try some of the following:

  • Introduce the idea of iterations or sprints;
  • Begin conducting daily scrums;
  • Periodically demonstrate finished functionality to stakeholders;
  • Conduct periodic meetings (retrospectives) to find ways to improve collaboration and teamwork.

Introducing small changes like these benefits the projects and give you the opportunity to call out those experiences on your resume and LinkedIn profile.


#2 Boost your skills


Think of this, what skills do you have and find challenging for your PO’s career? Do you have a good knowledge of foreign languages? Technical skills? Do you have any extra informal education? Any Course in time and stress management? Or assertive communication? Those are extra points in your resume and there will be someone who’ll appreciate that.


#3 Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate


While sprinting, and while regularly delivering done product increments, the most important thing for you to do as a Product Owner is to keep collaborating with your Scrum Team and your stakeholders. Support the Development Team by hosting refinement sessions, explaining the product vision, goals, roadmap and Product Backlog items. Support them by making items small, clear and valuable. Support them in gathering feedback from customers and users.


#4 Get Certified


Earning a credential that is recognized indicates two things: a certain base level of knowledge and, more importantly, a willingness to learn and invest in oneself. Carefully choose certifying bodies – many could actually harm your chances of getting a job. You need to have in mind that not all certificates are globally recognized, so wisely choose the right one. Knocking on the right door is half business done.




#5 Don’t forget to Network!


It’s often said that most jobs are found through one’s personal networking. And certainly, part of a successful job search (especially when moving into a new field) requires a good dose of luck — being in the right place at the right time.

If networking is necessary when searching for a job like the one you already have, it’s even more important when changing into a completely new role like that of a Product Owner. Be sure all your friends and former colleagues know the type of position you’re looking for. But also, do as much networking as you can in local interests or user groups.


#6 Look for Volunteer opportunities


If you can’t find opportunities to introduce small bits of agility within your current employer, consider looking for volunteer opportunities to do so.

This could be a regional, national or international non-profit whose cause you care about. Or it could be as close by as a child’s school, youth sports team, or your church. Get creative and find ways to gain experience anywhere in any way you can. We believe you know at least a handful of people who struggled to get that first position who sought out volunteer opportunities and then leveraged that experience into a full-time Product Owner position.


…and the most important


#7 Be patient


What’s helped you land a position as a Product Owner? Please share your thoughts, especially if you were once an inexperienced Product Owner seeking the right position. Also, if you’ve decided to be an exceptional



It’s never too late for proper education. Especially in Scrum. As we said, choose wisely, because amazing Zuzana Sochova will hold a Certified Scrum Product Owner Course on 20th and 21st December during this Agile Month.

Are you excited as we are?

The Essence of Online Education: Why is it so important?

Since the last decade online education has become available to everyone – both teachers and people who highly appreciate this moment. In fact, did you know that online courses can be effective and engaging, just like traditional classroom?

On the other side, companies have big expectations in a sense of education of their employees especially in a crisis. Let’s see some facts about this important topic and why is this modern world important:

* E-learning is one of the top training methods within organizations of any kind;

* Companies with comprehensive training programs online have over 200% higher revenue per employee;

* 72% of global organizations report that e-learning gives them (or could potentially give them) a competitive advantage in their industry.


We did something brave…


Agile Serbia is aware of the importance of online education during this whole new situation. Yes, these are unusual circumstances, but our hunger for knowledge overcame certain obstacles. Together as a team and with support of Miljan Bajić, we actually found significant reasons why online education is so desirable in modern world. Because it’s new, there’s was a small dose of worries, but we are true Agile professionals.

Increased flexibility, ease of access and individualized learning are just some of the benefits of online education. On the other side, we succeeded in getting over the lack of social interaction and losing focus. Yes, this Agile Month Spring 2020 was outstanding! And yes – interest in our Courses is still growing… a lot. 😊


Just read some impressions from our participant, Milan Pisarić (Keba D.O.O.):

,,Last month I had a chance to attend a CSPO training. Due to the special covid19 situation, the training was organized online rather than physically.

Although my initial thought was that this may be a drawback, the training itself proved me wrong. Not only was the training successful, but I have also experienced a very grateful pace. Instead of working for 2 days intensively, we had a chance to work 5 days semi-intensively and this way to adopt the knowledge shared in a friendlier manner. After all, every one of the participants had enough time to soak in the information shared that day, and steadily prepare for the next day. The coach used collaborative tools that helped us overcome physical isolation, which also went pretty well. Of course, not everything was so smooth – as sometimes the interaction seemed artificial or slow because of the silence and solitude – which may have turned out differently if we were together in a classroom setting. Some extroverts may find the lack of direct physical interaction and communication within the group as a strong drawback in this type of training. As I have been participating in remote scrum meetings for some time now, this online environment did not seem strange or challenging to me at all.

I have strengthened my knowledge of both scrum and agile in general, which will certainly help me in the future. The training proved that we misuse some scrum practices in the company, while there are also several useful tactics that could enable us to turn the agile processes to our benefit. The coach motivated me to continue learning about agile methodologies and I expect to keep evolving in the future. The first step is to implement everything learned and discussed in my PO activities.ʻʻ


Still more great news  👇  👇  👇 

Online trainings are the present and the future of education in every industry especially in a crisis. Agile Serbia team overcame obstacles by creating smaller and more interactive groups where participants are getting full attention of the Trainer. Also, more valuable networking and small talks are results of interactive coaching.


Suzana Čubrilo (Endava D.O.O) gained a lot with our online Course:

“I really enjoyed the CSM course. At first I thought that it will be difficult to maintain our attention on online Course, but it turned out that I am going to take away a lot of knowledge that I can easily and quickly apply, both personally and professionally. The course was the right mix of theory and practical demonstration.

Also, I was confused with an approach in which we had people with all kind of level of certification, but it turned out it’s a good way to discover a variety of different experiences.”

Still, we understand there are some doubts about online Courses and we’re always here to encourage you about your Agile education. The high quality of training is constantly the main demand for both, Trainer and participants as well as the valuable knowledge you’ll get (and which you paid for). All our Courses are as always certified by Scrum Alliance who is in charge of worldwide certification. This is an international organization that defines and supports the guidelines for the most popular Scrum certification. With their proven reputation, the quality of each training is the top priority, especially in these a little bit changed conditions. In that sense, you will receive a complete Certificate as proof that you had listened to everything about Scrum Master or Product Owner world.

Outstanding results and positive experiences motivated us to recreate ONLINE Certified Scrum Master Course (1-2 of June) and ONLINE Certified Scrum Product Owner Course (3-4 of June) with amazing Petri Heiramo, Certified Scrum Trainer! We have a very successful cooperation with Petri for 8 years and without his expertise and online experience these Courses wouldn’t be the same.



We are brave and efficient enough to adapt and solve upcoming educational challenges because knowledge is essential and meaningful for all of us. Join us in this new June adventure. Don’t miss to embrace exceptional education with real professionals, good connections and certification recognized in the modern business world.⚡️ 

To understand better the concept behind the virtual courses Petri Heiramo has created for you the special video. See you soon – online! 😊