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Benefits of International Agile Certification

To be certified or not? That is the question.

If someone asks you what is the most important piece of paper you have, what would you say? Whatever you choose, you know that none of these are mere papers, they represent much more. In business, becoming certified in one area is not just a piece of paper. It represents your time invested, your resources and the hard work behind it.

There are many things to consider when we decide to invest in our career. Some people take into account the financial moment behind the investment, some concentrate on the credentials of the certification body, while some focus on the applicability of the certificate – is it a local certificate, or will you be able to use it internationally?

Both local and international training provides you with different levels of knowledge and potential for further development, so you need to choose what is significant to you. If you want to learn the basics about what Agile is and what Scrum is; what are the Scrum roles and their responsibilities; how Scrum works; what a self-organizing and cross-functional team looks like; non-certified training is good enough and more rational in terms of investment. You will get what you expected, and your knowledge is sufficient to talk about this topic with your friends.

However, if your ambition is to gain valuable knowledge and if you want to develop further in this field, then you have to choose wisely. The price should not be a decisive element if you invest in your future.

Nowadays, when the whole world is becoming one big market, you want to make sure that your time and resources are well invested, and that international company recognizes and value the certification you have.

There are two world organizations that support people on their Agile career path: Scrum Alliance and Scrum Org. They have top-notch trainers, complete infrastructure, program quality standards, and continuing educational support. These are the reasons why you choose a trustful educational center.

The benefits of an internationally recognized Scrum Alliance certificate are:

  • International certificate is recognized by all companies in the world
  • Continuing education – there is continual support to improve and learn, not only for basic training programs but for advanced as well
  • Agile community – Scrum Alliance has a worldwide network that is willing to help anyone in the group
  • Regular yearly events for members, such as Global Scrum Gathering and Regional Scrum Gathering, where you have an opportunity to meet and connect with the best experts and companies in this field
  • Access to a world Agile library written by Coaches and the community of Scrum Alliance and Scrum org
  • The only recognized certificates for further development – If you aspire to become an Agile Coach you need to have basic international certificates (by Scrum Alliance or Scrum Org).

You need to take all these into consideration when you decide to invest in yourself. You don’t want to end up in a dead-end because you chose a certificate that doesn’t offer any upgrade or to pay double, because you were not informed properly prior to making a decision.

Agile Serbia has dedicated over a decade to helping people choose the best and the right certificates for them. As Scrum Alliance Registered Education Ally (REA), we are part of the renewed provider of internationally recognized certificates.

Inform well and make a good long-term decision to advance in your career.

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„We are the champions, my friends…“ What do you think?

…and we’ll keep on fighting till the end.“


We will continue to sing like Freddie Mercury and his loveable Queen, and we know that the Champions are all who have this 2020 successful and a little easier. But, one is sure – this year was a hell of the ride, right?

Agile Serbia team put a lot of effort to finish all projects on time and at the same time fulfill clients’ wishes and needs about education.

Let’s agree on one: Online is the current normality.

And sincerely – we did our best to adopt this new normality and maintain focus on quality and tradition. Our Courses were behind the door, we were in the middle of preparation for the first Regional Scrum Gathering here in Belgrade. And the world has paused at the moment.

But, agility is our middle name and we adopted the current health situation. In 366 days we had a lot, and we’ll give you a little sneak peek:


  • Over 200 certified Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Leaders during our Agile Months. Also, we held many certified courses and Agile training for different companies (11 on-site trainings);
  • Our Agile Community was blooming and still does because you found the value in our Agile Serbia Afternoon panels and free online webinars with amazing Agile stars (Angel Medinilla, Petri Heiramo, Miljan Bajić, Predrag Rajković, etc.);
  • We made great progress on social networks and beyond that (more than 4000 people that respect our work and content);
  • We also got new team members as an important reinforcement;
  • For the first time we organized an online Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with many satisfied participants and marvelous Trainer;
  • And of course – we are the proudest of the MatchAbout application, the platform that provided us valuable experience during the challenging times, especially when we think about our first online Agile Serbia Conference.


So, the main question was: How to organize an online conference and keep all the magic?


Agile Serbia Conference 2020We have experience with the organization of conferences. And we know it’s a mixture of complex feelings and emotions. All the excitement, preparation, traveling, meeting new people, exploring new cities, countries, even continents.

Knowing all that, we were facing a challenge – how to transfer all that to an online event?

We want to allow all participants to connect to other people, to share their experiences and ideas, to ask questions to speakers, and to have their dilemmas answered by some of the biggest names in the Agile world. Also, we want participants to have active roles in the Conference. To have their voices heard in various Polls and Surveys. And we want them to have fun.  To play with us, solve puzzles, enjoy, and win some awesome prizes. To learn something new and have access to all educational material in one place.

And the result was Online Agile Serbia Conference.


This Conference was held by our event platform MatchAbout that has so many functionalities to keep the magic alive, our supporters, sponsors and friends.

And we made it!

So, the final results are:

  • 250+ participants;
  • 12 speakers on 2 stages;
  • 4 workshops and 2 interactive panels;
  • 20+ official partners and more than 100 media and press releases.


Aaaand, this isn’t the end! We prepared many more fantastic surprises! This is a small piece of our Agile puzzle and during these years we have grown, learnt and discovered new horizons, stories and amazing people. As Freddie said: We’ll keep on fighting till the end“. Also, we heard your wishes and prepared some new practical projects. Besides that, a whole new Agile Month 2021 is approaching and we put our hope that we’ll see the shining lights of Regional Scrum Gathering 2021.


We hope this year has made you stronger, wiser and ready for new challenges. In the meantime, stay safe, grow your relationships, work on yourself and have fun.


Happy Holidays,

Agile Serbia team