Miloš Zeković

Miloš is an experienced Scrum Master, certified for both, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner roles. He is really passionate about the Agile approach, an enthusiast who delivered many Scrum and Agile workshops and in-house trainings for the Agile community of Serbia.

He blogs about the “hot” topics in the Agile world. He likes to write and he is doing well with presentations. His style is interactive, friendly, with lots of examples from everyday life and his own experience. Miloš is a member of Agile Serbia Coaching Club – he puts a lot of effort to contribute to the community. He has been doing a lot to transform many traditional developers’ teams into cross-functional Agile teams, and his work is highly appreciated in Serbian IT industry.


+381 11 4034 282
+381 11 4034 283