Joe B. Rainsberger & Zoran Vujkov

Joe B. Rainsberger ( is an experienced Software Coach and he lives in Canada. He assists software companies in achieving better customer satisfaction, as well as offer support to the businesses.

Over the years, he has created valuable softwares and become a valued partner to the companies he had helped. He had built a life that he loves and has been recognized as a pleasant and always welcomed partner. He has traveled the world sharing what he’s learnt, hoping to help other people get what they want out of work and out of their lives.

He consults and trains a lot of companies, but also he provides personalized consulting and online training through, where he helps even more people by provides advices they need with minimal investment. Also, he online trains people for TDD ( Joe`s book, JUnit Recipes, has been a standard for over a decade for Java programmers who wanted to do what we today call “developer testing or programmer testing”! He writes blog post mostly for programmers (, as well as a blog for everyone ( Joe is also very active on Twitter, his username is @jbrains. 🙂

Zoran Vujkov is an experienced Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Professional. He successfully led Agile Transformations in a couple of international companies, from traditional waterfall methods of software development to Agile frameworks. He has trained and coached hundreds of teams as Scrum/XP teams, in companies such as Sony Ericsson, Promethean, Barclays Bank, Schneider Electric DMS, United Cloud.

Zoran’s very good understanding of Software development is based on 19 years’ experience in the Software industry working for different companies as Software Engineer, Team Leader, Technical Leader, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach. Currently, he works as Agile Coach in Puzzle Software.

Effective Approaches to Adopt Evolutionary Design Practices

This year, at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, we will have a discussion with Joe B. Rainsberger, who will be connected live from Canada via video call, and with Zoran Vujkov – discussion moderator!

Over the past 20 years, a significant part of the software development community has started to agree that evolutionary design (TDD, refactoring) leads to better results. Even so, many people, programmers and managers especially, don’t adopt practices that would help them improve the quality and stability of their code.

Joe has some ideas about how to move forward in this difficult situation, and he would like to share them with you! Instead of generic ideas, which don’t help you make progress, you will be able to ask questions about your specific situation. He will be giving you advice that you can implement.

Zoran will be the discussion moderator, and he will be answering your questions and helping out with the obstacles that you are facing.

Come, and pick up some new ideas! 🙂


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