Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo is born in Bilbao (Spain). She studied computer science at RWTH University Aachen (Germany) and started working for Ericsson in 1995. Almudena has a strong technical background as a developer, quality coordinator and technical market support engineer in different organizations within Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab (Germany). Since 2011, Almudena was strongly involved in the Agile transformation and DevOps deployment at Ericsson, and worked as an Agile and DevOps Consultant for Ericsson customers.

She is a well-known public speaker with international reputation at Agile and DevOps conferences. She has been invited at Agile Tour London, Scan Agile Helsinki, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, delivery of Things World Berlin, Agile Pep Minds Berlin, Conference Agile Spain, etc… Furthermore, she contributes to the Agile community with publications like InfoQ.

Almudena joined the Agile company Improvement21 in 2017, as Agility expert supporting organizations worldwide in their way to Agility and DevOps deployment.


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