Scrum Shortcuts, Pitfalls, Anti-patterns and Repairing Guide Training

This advanced Scrum course discusses few Scrum Anti-patterns, pitfalls, shortcuts and how to repair them.

Target Audience:

Development team, Scrum Masters, Product Owners who are very familiar with Scrum framework and have been using Scrum framework for some time.


  • A Few Scrum Anti-patterns

    This module describes some symptoms that will immediately indicate that Scrum is being corrupted and twisted.

  • Repairing Guide

    This module describes steps to take to address some Scrum challenges related to:
    - The Product Backlog
    - Sprinting
    - Estimating and planning
    - Stakeholders
    - Culture
    - Teamwork
    - Problems during meetings

  • Definition of Done (DoD)

    This module introduces the term Definition of Done and its characteristics.

  • Definition of Ready (DoR)

    This module introduces the term Definition of Ready and its characteristics.

  • Grooming

    This chapter introduces sprint refinement (grooming) meeting. Structure of the meeting is described, attendants, their roles.

Course Instructor:

Zoran Vujkov

Zoran Vujkov is an experienced and influential Agile Coach and Trainer since 2008. Read More

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Details about the Course:

As the all available trainings by Puzzle Software, Scrum Shortcuts, Pitfalls, Anti-patterns and Repairing Guide Training is organized on scheduled date, or can be organized on request where the Company is the host.

  • Duration: 1 working day
  • Certification: No
  • SEU points: Earn up to 8 SEUs, Category C
  • Price:
    Early bird - 300€ + VAT (until the 30th April)
    Regular price - 390€ + VAT
    After the registration Companies will get the invoice and should make a payment on our account in Komercijalna Banka using the selling exchange rate of that bank on the invoicing date.
  • Date: 16th May 2017. Available on request.
  • Location: Zepter Hotel, Terazije St. #10, Belgrade, Serbia
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