Advanced Agile Master Class with Dr Alistair Cockburn

Let’s say you have mastered the Agile practices… But, have you really adjusted these practices to real situations? Are you ready to approach new and surprising situations? Do you know how to apply Agile practices to non-software projects? Do you know how to tailor the practices to different organizational cultures?

This Advanced Agile Master Class from Agile guru, Dr Alistair Cockburn, will help you to find the answers.

Bring along your problems and challenges. Say out loud that Agile didn’t work. We will walk through those problems and discover why Agile didn’t help. Alistair will challenge you, too. He will challenge your perceptions about Agile, induce you to their deconstruction, and then help you rebuild your understandings using lenses crafted from his extensive experience.

You don’t have to prepare for this class, but you will get more out of it if you have read Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game and “The Seven Properties of Highly Successful Projects” from Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams prior to the start of class.

Course Instructor:

Agile Guru, Dr Alistair Cockburn

Dr Alistair Cockburn (pronounced Cō-burn) is one of the original creators of the Agile Manifesto and of the “All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes”. Read More

Target Audience:

This course is for those who have already been doing Agile Development for a couple of years, who have read many books about Agile, and who are ready for a really “deep dive” into the world of Agile methodologies.

These are not the basics of Scrum, an introduction to Agile, or something similar. The course is not for the beginners. Be sure that this course will take you to the next level of Agile Development! So, if you want to inquire and to get yourselves ready for whatever comes next, this course is tailored to you.


In this course, you will:
  • Learn why agile works, in software or outside of it,

  • Learn how to articulate and deal with the weaknesses in agile development,

  • Test yourself and your partners with the Test-Driven Carpaccio exercise.

  • Learn to reduce risk and maximize results by viewing design as a Knowledge Acquisition activity.

  • Practice backing up your recommendations with solid theory, not just an appeal to authority,

  • Learn how to plan and track larger, more complicated projects using Story Mapping or Blitz Planning (time permitting),

. . . and most of all
  • Come face-to-face with yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, as you confront one situation after another, with equally inquisitive classmates.

What Students said about Alistair’s Master Class?

At the end of the course, you will walk away with a rich set of tools for approaching your projects and organizational processes!


Details about the Course:

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